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FAT Recovery

(Defined: FAT is short for File Allocation Table, and is a popular file system, particularly in older Windows based computers. The two key forms of FAT are FAT16 and FAT32. For more information, check out: this Microsoft article on the FAT file systems.)

Because today's business relies so heavily on computers, if a FAT server or network goes down and data is lost, it can mean unfinished products, and unhappy customers. Being prepared can save you profits, and Hard Drive Recovery Group has the right FAT recovery tools and data recovery software to enable quick, effective file recovery. We also provide help with data recovery for Windows.

Experience means a lot in this business. There are many small players in the hard drive recovery industry that you should stray away from, but the decision doesn't have to be difficult. Our key point of advice to all clients is simple: avoid companies that ask little or no questions, and simply push you to send your hard drive in for FAT recovery no matter what your issue is.

Our technicians are trained to ask the right questions and get to the root of your problem. The fact is, not all FAT recovery jobs require the drive to be packaged and sent to us. Why pay for a service you don't need?

There are basically two categories of data and FAT recovery. The first is the most common, and can be solved by using software in your own home or office. The second is more serious, and requires special hard drive recovery tools, and experienced experts.

If you have accidentally deleted a file, file undeletion software and file recovery software can ensure your file can be recovered quickly and efficiently. Erased Pictures can be restored by using our photo recovery software, which can recover images from many digital camera media types.

It is important that you do not use software that requires installation on your hard drive after data loss. Installing a program takes up space on your hard disk, and risks overwriting your lost files, making them completely unrecoverable. Hard Drive Recovery Group's software can be saved and run from a CD or disk, ensuring no lost files are overwritten.

Physical Damage Symptoms

If your system has encountered physical damage, such as flooding or fire, or vandalism, do not power up your machine. Instead, contact the FAT data recovery experts at Hard Drive Recovery Group immediately.

Symptoms of physically damaged hard drive systems are as follows:

1. Your hard drive makes noises, such as clicking or buzzing.

2. Your hard drive does not make any noise at all when you start up.

3. During Startup, your BIOS does not recognize that a hard drive is available

4. Your DOS FDisk program does not recognize your drive.

To contact us about our FAT recovery software and services, click here.

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