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NTFS Recovery

NTFS, otherwise known to Windows XP and various Microsoft Operating System users as the file system of choice or "New Technology File System", from which its acronym comes. The file system is well known because of its somewhat ubiquitous use, plus the fact that it has much more robust properties than the old FAT and FAT32 systems which most Windows environments used.

With many NTFS systems, NTFS recovery is simple and easy. With the Windows XP environment, as an example, a system and disk restore function is included within the operating system. So in many cases, you NTFS file systems can be recovered within minutes, and despite initial panic you may experience, can be returned intact, with much of your data.

NTFS Recovery Tips

NTFS recovery (which is in effect a form of data recovery for windows)can often be performed with a simple and quick use of the Windows NTFS recovery system. But, there are certainly issues wherein it can actually become more of a difficult file system to deal with than the old specifications, namely FAT and FAT32.

What if, as an example, your file allocation table goes down? Or your file system corrupts, which is an action which occurs in many hard drives across the world on a daily basis, whether through everyday use or human error. In this case, using the old FAT systems and older operating systems such as Windows 98 and 95, it was always possible to attempt recovery using the simple "startup disk" of old.

The DOS environment was still a hugely powerful environment with those particular operation systems, and FAT data recovery proved often to be quite easy.

Main issue with NTFS recovery, and some of the new operating systems using NTFS, which for PC users includes Windows XP users, is that these operating systems are NOT DOS based environments. And what's worse, when attempting to use a Windows 98 startup disk to load the environment on your hard drive, you may actually be able to access DOS, but DOS cannot access your NTFS system. This means frequently, at least without specialized data recovery software, NTFS recovery can be close to impossible.

Professional Help
In many cases, NTFS recovery can be performed with a simple data recovery software, much like that offered by Hard Drive Recovery Group. When it is simply an issue with your partition tables, or a simple file system corruption problem, many of our products will provide you with a quick and easy way to recover your data.

When this is not the case, our professional NTFS recovery services may be required. Here's why: when your disk is a physically or mechanically damaged hard drive, you will not likely be able to access the drive at all, no matter the file system.

And, if your drive had exhibited some of the various symptoms of hard drive failure, such as a clicking or buzzing sound and the dreaded Windows "Blue Screen Of Death", you will definitely want to stop using that drive now. Chances are, if your drive still makes clicking sounds and runs part of the time, your professional NTFS recovery will not only be a lot easier, but will also be a lot cheaper.

Please contact us here for a free hard disk drive data recovery quote. Don't let your data disappear. Hard Drive Recovery Group can help!

(NOTE: we also offer specialized services such as RAID, laptop and Oracle data recovery)

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