The Joy A Smartphone Brings You

Smartphones are life. Can you imagine going through your day without your handy and ever so reliable smartphone with you? You’d even go to great lengths of going back home in the unfortunate event of leaving your smartphone back home. The possibilities are endless when you have your smartphone with you and you likely won’t get bored ever again. Moreover, Internet services have significantly improved to power the increase in demand among web users, so you can surf the web for all you want.

With an advanced mobile operating system that rivals that of most laptops and computers, smartphones are truly an icon of our times. And the best thing of all is that you are sure to have an option no matter what price you can afford. Even if it does not always sink in to you, it’s truly amazing to have almost everything that the world has to offer on a gadget that fits the palm of your hand. For only a decade, their existence has drastically changed our lives – both for the good and bad.


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Data Pricing Benefits From Competition

We are all aware of the law of supply and demand, right? That when the demand is high and the supply is low, the prices go up. Or that the price goes down because the supply is high and the demand is low. So, let us be reminded of the role of competition in the market. Prices usually go down when there is too much competition in a specific market. Data recovery prices ( in our industry have come down over 50% from just 10 years ago, as an example.

With technology dominating the world today, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs want to join in on the bandwagon and get their piece of the cake. And as such, having many players in the field has a significant impact on commodity prices. For instance, aside from the actual gadgets, data recovered from RAIDs is a sought after commodity as well as it allows people to communicate on a global scale.

 Consumers can expect better service at cheaper rates with telecom majors gearing up to wage a price

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The War On Computer Servers

We all live in a world where digital technology is deeply ingrained in our daily life. Can you remember a time when you lasted a day without your cellular phone with you? Probably not, right?

People go to great lengths to maintain their online presence, not only to stay connected with loved ones but to stay abreast with everything that is happening in the world over. We often take for granted the influence that gadgets like computers and laptops have in our lives when the truth is, there is more to them that meets the eye. And it is a multi-billion dollar market where companies implement aggressive marketing efforts to beat each other.

It seems as if Microsoft Corp. is winning the battle against Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. in the computer server market, specifically, cloud services among tier-1 service providers – telecom and cloud companies.

Late last year, the Redmond, Washington-based company unveiled a new in-house cloud server design that it will require hardware vendors to follow. This forces HPE and rival Dell Technologies Inc. to compete against lower-cost generic, commodity

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The Comeback Of Old Phones: Are Smartphones Losing Appeal?

We may live in a digital world full of amazing and out-of-the-box technologies, but we can’t help but reminisce about the good old times when life was so much simpler. Back then, we had to do things by hand in the absence of modern household appliances. It also takes days, week, or months for letters to reach people depending on where it came from. But now, you can read SMS texts or online chats in real time.

We may enjoy all the comforts and convenience offered by all these high-tech technologies (E.g. computers and laptops and cloud technology), there are still those who relish the simplicity of old phones – especially the older population who used those technologies back in the days. Simplicity helps, and can help users avoid catastrophic mistakes. You simply just use it to call or text, not complicated at all. Not to mention that its battery life can also last for days. A modern smartphone battery only lasts mere hours especially if you are on data mode and streaming videos online.

If we take a

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Trends On Data Pricing

We all live in a digital world. Many of us can’t last a day without logging in to our various social media platforms and posting updates about tiny bits and pieces of our lives. Smartphones are selling like crazy and almost everyone owns one now.

But you either need to have data or be connected to WiFi to make your online presence known. However, data is expensive. It is common knowledge, much to the frustration of many. It is even more expensive when you travel abroad. But as competition grows and other forms of wireless Internet connection are more readily available to the masses, data prices also go down.

Voice and text messaging are no longer bringing in the bacon to telecommunication companies. They now come up with various data promotions to meet the growing data demands of the public.

As a result, data pricing has continued to go down. Gone are the days when you have to shell out a fortune just to go online on your mobile device. It starts with one company’s move that sets a chain …

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