Laptop In Check In Baggage Will Finally Be Allowed In U. S. Airports

Airport security checks can be a hassle. You practically need to strip down to get screened properly. You need to take off your shoes, your belt, your jacket, and accessories.

In U.S airports, you even have to take out your laptop from your carry-on bag. The carry-on bag can’t go through security check with a laptop inside. The laptop has to be taken out and that causes so much stress and hassle in the long cue of passengers.

The good news is, change is coming.

In a press call Friday, the TSA announced that it has signed a $97 million contract for 300 upgraded baggage-scanning machines. As reported by Bloomberg Government, the new technology will roll out this summer, with the recipient airports to be announced.

It’s akin to replacing X-ray machines with CT scanners. While an x-ray creates a single static image, a CT scan can produce a 360-degree image.


These upgraded baggage-scanning machines will surely lessen the chaos in the security check. Finally, your laptop and toiletries stay inside your carry-on baggage. The whole world doesn’t have to see everything you have in your bag.

The new scanners are better able to see sizes, shape, and position of structures in your image. This new screening technology will allow officials to detect items they previously couldn’t — and allow laptops and toiletries to stay in bags.


It’s really a hassle to have a complete stranger go through your personal stuff. Even if it’s for the sake of security, it’s really such a hassle to take out everything from the carry-on bag. Unfortunately, there is no other option. With the current baggage-scanning machines, not everything could be screened properly. You, as a passenger, have no other choice but to take out your personal stuff for a thorough inspection.

As per your laptop, you would have to keep a close eye on it because someone might just pick it up by accident. Even worse, you might just end up forgetting it. There’s no doubt that security checks in U.S. airports have made travelling very stressful. Nonetheless, there is something to look forward to.

Over the next eight years, the TSA expects to replace more than 2,000 x-ray machines with the new CT equipment. While the pilot program didn’t result in decreased wait times, the agency expects that it will as staffers get used to the new process.


It’s really hard to travel without a laptop. Even if you’re not on a business trip, a laptop is a must have in your carry-on baggage. It’s essential, especially if you’re the kind of person who documents every single moment.

The thing is, there’s a huge possibility that your laptop could get damaged as it goes through security check. Just think about it. You could end up dropping it. Even if you’re really careful, you simply can’t deny the fact that accidents can happen.

While the portability of a laptop is what makes it very convenient to carry around, it’s also the very reason why folks, like yourself, tend to abuse it. Truth be told, the portability of a laptop is what makes it susceptible to damage.

That’s something that you should take seriously. With all your personal and business files stored in your laptop, you just have to be really careful. At the same time, you would have to be open to the fact that your laptop could eventually fail you.

There’s no need to panic in case  your laptop drive suddenly becomes inaccessible. Although that’s easier said than done, you can keep your cool.  After all, there are trained technicians who can perform Keep in mind that only trained technicians can restore the hard drive of your laptop.

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