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It's a difficult business. The fact is, 90% of people seeking data recovery for their hard drive were simply not ready for a catastrophic hard drive crash. Their computer systems and hard disks may have in fact gave zero warning. No buzzing, no clicking, none of the common sounds that say that a hard drive failure is imminent. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we understand that surprise data loss can be extremely shocking. What's more, this can take place in systems both new and old, even with the newest hard disk drive technologies in place. When the need for data recovery for your hard drive presents itself to you, here are a few tips to ensure your data can be retrieved.

Don't Panic

Hard Drive Recovery Group has over 15 years of experience recovering data from simple PC hard drives, laptop hard disk drives, as well as more professional level data recovery for devices such as exchange servers, MS SQL servers and RAID arrays. We have truly seen it all when it comes to data recovery of hard drives.

What we can say is that 95% of hard disk drives can be recovered very simply using professional data recovery tools. And although your data loss situation may seem grave at the time, contacting a professional right away will ensure that your hard drive is not only recoverable, but that your data recovery service is as economical as possible.

Resist Data Recovery Utilities
Currently, a search for data recovery software utilities on such popular search engines as Google will bring up a phenomenal number of data recovery software products. Many of these claim to provide data recovery of hard drive file systems within one hour or less. It seems like an easy fix. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we usually warn against such products, mainly because these very data recovery software products are often a source of our customers data loss.

In fact, because many of these hard drive data recovery utilities require installation to the hard drive, we have seen cases in which the missing data was ovewritten by the installation itself. If you feel that your hard drive data recovery can be best performed by a software product, ensure that the product you use can be run from external media such as CD or a floppy disk. This ensures in the very least that the installation will not overwrite your data. The reality is, no hard drive repair company in the world can recover data which has been overwritten.

Back Up Whenever You Can

The flood of high-capacity external USB powered hard disk drives, as well as such high capacity external media as DVD-R, CD-RW, and other cassette based storage systems has enabled the average user to backup their systems at relatively low cost. Clearly, if you're seeking data recovery of your hard drive, this may have not been an action plan you have taken in the past.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we understand that data backup is the only failsafe way to avoid data recovery for your hard drive. Saving your important files today can often take very little space on a DVD or external USB powered hard disk drive, and can save you hours of time and money in the future. Certainly, most IT professionals know that professional enterprise-level servers such as Microsoft Exchange, or Oracle database servers simply must have a backup in place. With the relatively low cost of backup devices, now the individual user can have the same safety net.

Get A Free Quote Now

We encourage all users who have experienced data loss or file system corruption to call our toll-free line above immediately. We can help diagnose whether or not you need data recovery for hard drive systems, whether it you can use the data recovery software, or if your hard disk drive requires in shop service. No matter the case, we find that even if you do not choose Hard Drive Recovery Group as your data recovery specialist, a call to us will at least put your mind at ease as you navigate the world of data recovery services.

Our experienced data recovery technicians are available 24 hours per day to prescribe the correct action. As we say, when it comes to hard drive recovery, the first hour is the most important in the process. Avoid rash decisions, and allow us to guide you through your hard drive crash.

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