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Data Recovery Unerase (Undelete)

Because you rely on computers, anything from RAID servers to laptops to simple PCs, to store vast amounts of personal, private and valuable information, it is also very important that you back up your systems regularly to secure yourself against data loss. The fact is, however, most people tend to err when it comes to backing up their hard drives because they don't think that a hard drive crash will ever happen to them.

But it can happen to anyone and any computer system, and that's why Hard Drive Recovery Group offers data recovery unerase assistance to individuals and companies that have lost data due to an accident, a virus, or a hard drive malfunction.

Data loss can be caused by a number of different things. Certain viruses will take over your hard drive, if downloaded, and erase any information found. Other times, your hard drive may start to show symptoms of a problem; for example, unusual sounds emitting from your hard drive are usually an indicator that there is a physical problem with your hard drive. In those cases, you should immediately shut off your computer and contact a data recovery unerase specialist, and avoid those who are offering free data recovery software - this is usually a "get what you pay for scenario.

Will hard drive recovery software work?
Sometimes data recovery unerase software will be able to retrieve your data without much difficulty. This often works in cases where you have accidentally deleted a file and need it to be recovered. In our experience, too many data recovery/unerase companies try to bilk you for more money by telling you that your data can only be recovered under the watchful eye of one of their technicians. This means that you will have to ship your hard drive to them and wait for them to inform you of the results of their work.

However, experience has shown us that data recovery or data unerase software is often sufficient in restoring lost data. When a technician tells you that software won't work, before even questioning you as to the nature of your data loss problem, be wary. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we will ask you a lot of questions before we decide on the best solution to your data loss problem. If it is something that can be fixed using data recovery/unerase software, we will let you know it.

How does it work?
For a low cost, we can offer you an instant software download which can be saved onto a floppy or CD. This is vital for restoring lost data because a program that has to be downloaded onto your hard drive will simply erase more data by overwriting lost data. Once this occurs, it is impossible to recover the missing data. Data recovery or unerase software works in several ways. It uses a rapid scan engine to scan your complete hard drive within a matter of minutes. Once it has scanned your hard drive, it can instantly recover missing files from hard drives or external drives.

Our Guarantee
At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we guarantee our price quote. When you contact us, will we provide you with a quote over the phone, and we promise that the final price won't exceed that quote. Plus, if we cannot repair your damaged hard drive, in cases where data recovery/unerase software won't work, we will not charge you at all.

Please contact us here for a free hard disk drive data recovery quote. Don't let your data disappear. Hard Drive Recovery Group can help!

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