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Disk Data Recovery

The Internet has enabled an incredible number of computer users to repair a wide variety of problems with their computers. While certainly the ease in which individual PC users have access to information has heard the computer service industry, it has also created an interesting dilemma. A wide variety of software, including disk data recovery software is available now on the Web for download, some of it purporting to be free.

While we will grant that many of these products do work, we do have experience with the fact that many of them do not. Because disk data recovery is the key focus of Hard Drive Recovery Group, we take it extremely seriously. Which is why we caution users when dealing with situations where this data recovery may be necessary: sometimes a professional is necessary.

Certainly, we cannot discourage the do-it-yourself attitude created by today's PCs and an Internet equipped user. But when it comes to data recovery, naturally feel that it should be left to professionals. Our bias, of course, is that we offer hard drive recovery and hard disk repair as a business.

On the other hand, we also find that nearly 90% of disk data recovery jobs sent to us in which 100% of the data cannot be recovered are due to improper use of disk data recovery software. What's more, it is usually not the users fault. In fact, is usually the fault of the developers of the free data recovery software itself.

Safe Software

If you're an experienced computer user who has recently lost files or partitions on your hard drive, your first inclination may be to look for a free disk data recovery software product to retrieve the files. While we certainly do not recommend this avenue, especially in light of the wide variety of disk data recovery software products out there which are unsafe for your data, there are a couple of important points we should make.

First of all, when choosing a disk data recovery software product, ensure that the product does not need to be installed on your hard drive. One of the things many users forget is that files or data lost due to a file system error are not really gone; in fact, they do lay dormant on your hard drive unseen by the operating system.

Installing a new disk data recovery software product onto the hard drive puts that concept at risk: it is always possible that the disk data recovery software you have downloaded will write over your data during the installation process itself. And once lost files or data have been overwritten, they're gone forever.

Choosing a small footprint disk data recovery software product which can be used from external media such as CD or floppy desk is the only truly safe method of disk data recovery using software. Remember this point, and save yourself the hassle of a botched disk data recovery.

When Your Hard Disk Drive Has Failed

When it comes to attempting to repair your physically damaged hard drive, we stress that doing this is literally the most dangerous thing you could ever do to your data. Today's hard disk drives or smaller, run hotter, and are more subject to damage from dirt and deaths than ever. Unless you actually have access to a clean room and our experienced with real-life hard drive repair situations, it is always best to leave it to professional.

Each day, we see at least one botched disk data recovery where the user has attempted to open its hard drive using a screwdriver. In the end, this either result in completely lost data, or a very expensive hard disk drive repair job. Don't make the same mistake others do: some computer fixes should not be performed on a do-it-yourself basis!

Your Free Disk Data Recovery Consultation

We recommend you call an experienced technician at Hard Drive Recovery Group to assess what exactly is the core of your data loss problem. The call is absolutely free, and will certainly save you lots of time and money in the long run. We always recommend the most efficient form of disk data recovery, so you can be assured that your costs will be kept as low as possible. And remember our guarantee: data recovered or it's free. That means no matter the case, we will do our utmost to return your data to you as it was.

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