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E-mail Recovery

Email has proven itself a formidable communication tool over the last 10 years, breaking down barriers and saving time resources unlike any other medium since the fax. But email is data, and like everything, is not 100% perfect. MS Exchange and mail servers, as well as your own e-mail program, are subject to errors and failures which can seemingly cause your email history to disappear. This is a large problem for many companies which do not back up their email on separate servers, but it is a problem that can be fixed.

Some problems that Exchange and mail servers suffer from include such things as booting issues, virus attacks, corrupted file systems, partition problems, hard drive failure and crashes or even disaster situations such as fire or flood.

Exchange - Backup Is Critical
It's a fact - the Exchange/Mail environment is a very important, but fragile part of your organization's IT asset base, and should always be supported by a superb backup program that has been tested often. And make no mistake, many back-up devices and software products are not infallible. Frequently, customers come to us reporting failed recoveries due to a hard disk failure, or file structure damage. Rest assured, this is quite normal, even the best-configured system on the newest hardware can fail.

Hard Drive Recovery Group Can Recover Your Mail Immediately
There are certainly many causes for lost mail data, which can include file system issues, hardware problems or physical damage. Whichever is the cause in your case, Hard Drive Recovery Group can recover your Mail/Exchange or Outlook data immediately. Once we have consulted with you, we can usually determine very quickly whether your data is recoverable using our proprietary data recovery software, or if a physical data recovery is necessary, which may include us repairing your drive first.

**Remember to AVOID free data recovery software when important email is at risk - your data could be overwritten!

Once we have determined exactly how to go forward with your mail/Exchange or Outlook recovery, we contact you as soon as possible to ensure your approval. This is a key part of our service, as it ensures you do not pay for services you do not want. Once you have approved the process, we can often have your data back to you either on the repaired hard drive, a new hard drive or another media - the choice is yours.

Please contact us here for a free hard disk drive data recovery quote. Don't let your mail records disappear. Hard Drive Recovery Group can help!

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