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Drive Not Ready

This error will frequently come as "Drive Not Ready - System Halted", and is a common Windows oriented error. A simple, and most commonly seen instance of this error is in fact a drive error, but typically not that of a fixed hard disk drive, but instead that of a floppy or USB flash drive. If you remove a floppy or USB key while working on a file and then attempt to save or use other functions, you may run into this error. This is by far the least critical version of this error, as it is typically resolved by simply replacing the disk/flash drive.

The Drive Not Ready error is far more critical in cases where it occurs before Windows boots. This may be one of a few simple things:

1. Your IDE or SATA cable is not fully plugged in - Simple solution: unplug and then re-plug-in.

2. Hard Disk Drive Jumper Issues - if you're using an older IDE based system, you may have the drive's jumper set to the wrong setting. Reset this jumper (with your system powered off!).

When this error occurs with a hard disk drive specifically, it may mean that you have experienced hard drive failure. When a hard drive fails, you should NOT attempt to recover the drive yourself or with software utilities. These utilities may overwrite important data, and make any professional data recovery attempts useless. Instead, contact a professional like Hard Drive Recovery Group. Our data recovery engineers are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to help you, and the call is always free.

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