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Evidence (Data) Recovery

Evidence recovery is an important service we provide for our clients, a tool which has frequently provided them with the proof they need to ensure a legal win. We work with companies and individual in both civil and criminal cases. Many situations provide an opportunity to recover critical evidence from computer hard disk drive, data tape, CD-Rom or other media. We also offer the ability to recover evidence in situations where RAID or Linux recovery is necessary. In some cases, the media may have been tampered with, or damaged, or even deleted by someone intentionally. Hard Drive Recovery Group works with these data loss issues on a day to day basis in non-evidence data recovery operations, and thus can provide you or your company with the information you need to ensure your case is proven.

What To Do First
When you suspect a computer on your company's premises contains evidence, the first course of action should be to discontinue its use. In fact, often your best bet is to leave it in the state it is in. Often, your attempts to access information on the computer or access details of the drive may change the drive's contents, or worse, activate a program which may automatically destroy or alter data on the drive. Also important to note is that even regular computer usage of said system can cause the hard drive to write over data contained within - thus eliminating the evidence unaccessible.

Completely Safe Evidence Recovery
With data recovery processes such as those used by Hard Drive Recovery Group, drives are automatically completely mirrored before any data is extracted. This means that we typically work on a "cloned" version of your drive, as opposed to the actual drive itself. This way, we can safely recover your data and determine when, where and often by whom the drive was altered or data was deleted or removed. We work with you to ensure we recover the data you specifically need, and can base searches on a number of your criteria. Bottom line, if the evidence is on the drive, we will find it.

Important Note
To ensure the evidence on the drive can be treated as "secure" and untampered with, it is best that you isolate the hard drive, or data media and secure it to ensure that there can be no question that any of the original contents were modified. The simplest way to do this is simple to physically remove the drive from the system, or if it is a laptop, ensure it is not turned on or accessed again.

Beware Of Recovery Software - Especially In This Instance
There are currently hundreds of data recovery software products on the market, many of them very good for recovering data. In instances where Evidence Recovery is necessary, however, we cannot stress enough that these products SHOULD NOT BE USED. Not all of these products work as they specify, and can damage your data. What's more, when there are civil or criminal charges at stake, and what is on your company's hard drives will ensure you win a favorable verdict, would you want to take the risk? Or more frankly, is it worth saving a couple of hundreds of dollars now, only to lose thousands in court later? Always consider a harddrive recovery professional first. With evidence recovery, the old adage is always true: better safe than sorry!

Hard Drive Recovery Group's evidence recovery techniques have worked for thousands of companies and law firms worldwide. Consider us first when you suspect your computers have been used illegally - and save thousands of dollars in the future.

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