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Exchange Disaster Recovery

A data disaster can come from many sources. Each day, Hard Drive Recovery Group deals with disasters like floods, fire, and electrical problems which have affected critical systems greatly, and caused a catastrophic loss of data. But when Exchange Disaster Recovery occurs, the information and data loss at stake is much larger.

Exchange Disaster Recovery Tips

The first and most important point that you should understand and put into practice when an Exchange disaster comes about is the most obvious: don't panic. Resist the temptation to make risky exchange server recovery repairs or use untested server data recovery software programs in order to restore your data. Exchange database recovery is a very important process, and one mistake can mean irreversible data loss!

When you're dealing with an Exchange Server, you're likely very cognizant of the fact that neither the hardware, nor the data stored is inexpensive, unlike Linux systems (which we do offer Linux recovery for). In fact, because of the high importance of the scheduling and contact information stored in a MS Exchange database (and the .edb file), recovering from a disaster is hugely important. Panicking now can mean the difference between recovering your data, and losing it all.

When Physical Damage Occurs
Actual physical damage to your Exchange machine will require professional data recovery help. This is always true, whether you need hard drive repair, or simply hard drive data recovery software. Unless you are working for a data or disaster recovery company, Exchange server repair and data recovery is not something a layman should do. In fact, not even very accomplished IT professionals should attempt it. This is especially true in cases of Exchange data loss due to fire or flood damage. In these cases, all electronic components should be handled very carefully, and hard drives should be immediately shipped as is to a professional.

The reason for this is clear. When you have a physically damaged hard drive, whether it is a Exchange disaster recovery problem or not, only professional data recovery technicians should examine it. Opening a hard drive yourself not only always voids warranties, it also ensures that 9 out of 10 times, your data may be unrecoverable. Opening hard drives, whether because of Exchange disaster recovery or not, is a huge problem. The process should only be considered by a professional hard drive data recovery technician with access to a Class 100 clean room. Hard Drive Recovery Group is just one such data recovery company which has an on-site clean room.

Exchange disaster recovery is a problem which can be solved, even when the circumstances look very bleak. The fact is, Hard Drive Recovery Group recovers Exchange information from hard drives on a daily basis, including some which have encountered seemingly unrecoverable damage. Contacting us for a free consultation can mean your data is returned in as little as 48 hours.

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