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Free Data Recovery Software

Looking for free data recovery software to retrieve your data because of hard drive crash or hard disk failure? There are a few key points you may want to think about first.

First of all, how important is your data?

Our multi-year experience in the hard drive recovery industry has shown us that free data recovery software is often worth exactly what you pay for it. Sometimes, in fact, when attempting to use free data recovery software to recover from a hard drive crash, it can be worth LESS than free. In fact, it can damage your file system or hard disk drive beyond repair.

So, if your data is not necessary, using free data recovery software might be worth a bet. In the end, you must acknowledge that you have nothing to lose if your hard disk drive file system becomes unrecoverable. If this is the case, then certainly free data recovery software may be the best for you.

If You Can't Afford To Lose Data

If your data consists of important documents, email or digital images which have either sentimental or financial worth, free data recovery software is NOT for you. We can attest to the fact that 10% of Hard Drive Recovery Group customers come to us AFTER they have damaged their data using a free data recovery software product. Remember: no data really disappears - in 98% of circumstances, your hard disk drive has a high potential of repair. But improperly used free data recovery software can destroy data forever - the risk is not worth it.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers low cost, completely safe data recovery software. We recommend you contact us first at the number above if your data is important to you.

If You Absolutely MUST Use Free Data Recovery Software

If you feel that using free data recovery software is your only option, and financially you don't want to commit to paying to recover data or files, there are a couple of few tips you should consider:

1. Look For No-Install Data Recovery Software
When seeking a free data recovery software product, it's always best to look for one which does NOT have to install to your hard drive (and run on Windows OS). The reason for this is simple. If your hard disk requires repair or the file system has made your data inaccessible, you should leave it in the condition it was in. Using a free data recovery software which must install to your drive could potentially install over your lost data, which would write over that data forever. Gone. Kaput. That will be your data.

Instead, look for a hard drive recovery software application that runs from external media such as a floppy drive. Because the hard work of hard drive recovery is commonly performed at a very base level, it is not necessary to install a large application to your drive. Doing so could not only write over lost data, but in cases of physical hard drive failure, damage your hard disk drive further!

2. Look For Satisfied Users
Once you've found your free data recovery software product of choice, and you can have it run from external storage media (USB, CD or Floppy), take another moment out to do another web search. Type in: NAME OF PRODUCT forums, as an example, which may give you some real live users of the software. Weigh whether you want to use this for your hard drive repair by their responses, and go from there. Also, make sure that if you run an Apple computer, that you are using specialized Mac data recovery software!

3. Backup Your Data!
If you can actually backup your hard drive in some way, please do it BEFORE you use the free data recovery software program. This may be possible with external media, or USB hard drive. This especially works in cases where you are simply missing files or when files have been accidentally deleted. When you have real physical hard disk drive failure, free data recovery software (or paid for data recovery software) is not going to work. You will likely either need to say goodbye to the data, or call a certified hard drive repair company like Hard Drive Recovery Group.

Hopefully, this has helped you in some way. Or at least to avoid having us tell you: "Sorry, the data has been written over" later. Best of luck!

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