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Hard Disk Data Recovery

It's a fact of life we wish wasn't the case: nine out of ten users loses data due to a failed hard drive at one point in their life. An even worse statistic - 99 out of 100 users will lose files in some manner due to a file system error, human error or accidental deletion. But the fact is, data need not ever truly be lost. With hard disk data recovery from Hard Drive Recovery Group, data can be returned often within an hour or less.

How Can I Get Hard Disk Data Recovery In Less Than One Hour?

Although it sounds like a truly difficult claim to back, it is true that HDRG often recovers data for clients within an hour or less. The fact is, not every hard disk data recovery requires a full in-lab examination. Avoid shops who claim they must "see the drive" first hand in order to give an estimate.

The truth is that many hard disk data recovery problems can be handled quickly, with data recovery software only. If your drive is physically undamaged, and works overall, there is rarely a reason to remove your drive from your PC at all. File system errors and accidental deletions can frequently be treated with our small footprint data recovery software.

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Keep It Safe
An important point to note when attempting hard disk data recovery with software is this: always ensure you are saving your software to a drive that has NOT experienced data loss. This is critical. This is also why most of our software is sized to fit a Floppy disk, which ensures you are not potentially writing-over your data.

This is also why our data recovery software was not created to install into Windows. The fact is, installing a program on a hard disk which has experienced data loss can remove the data altogether. So stay away from products which are too large to fit on a disk, or must be "installed before use" in order to provide disk recovery.

Recover And Repair - The Other Side Of Hard Disk Data Recovery

You should understand, however, that the use of data recovery software pretty much relies on your hard disk to be working in order to accomplish its task (including specialized products for exchange data recovery). If your hard disk has actually experienced physical damage, it is likely you will need data recovery or hard drive repair. Today's hard drives spin at fast speeds and generate incredible amounts of heat, which can often cause them to fail. Determining this is easy.

When you contact HDRG about hard disk repair or hard disk recovery software, our technicians take you through a short list of questions to determine the root cause of your data loss. And because we offer both data recovery software and physical hard drive recovery, there is never a need to worry about being sold something you don't need. It is part of our core mission to return data to clients in the quickest, most effective way possible.

We take calls about hard disk data recovery on a 24 hour basis. Call us at the number above, or request a quick quote here.

We recover your data, or you don't pay. It's always that simple with Hard Drive Recovery Group.

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