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Each day thousands of queries are made on popular search engines seeking the latest in hard disk recovery software. Certainly, the Internet has made data recovery tools far more available than they have ever been, which has unfortunately had a rather double edged effect.

While many professional data recovery tools are available, such as those from Hard Drive Recovery Group and other professionally certified data recovery shops, many hard disk recovery software products are actually damaging in emergency data recovery situations. This is one of the rare occasions where the concept of getting what you pay for is more than just relevant: it could save your data. There are a number of reasons why choosing risky hard disk recovery software products can be an extremely bad decision.

Fact is, though, our customers do want us to make a recommendation. So, when your hard drive has not physically failed (i.e. accidental file deletions, partition issues, MBR problems, etc), this data recovery software can help. As long as you're sure your drive has not physically failed, try downloading our data recovery software of choice, Restore My Files. It's a very inexpensive (under $30) way to retrieve lost files automatically, and most importantly, it works. It's also FREE to try. If it doesn't work, you don't pay.

Free demo version of Restore My Files.

When On the other hand, if you feel like your drive has failed, contact us on the toll free number above, or fill out our data recovery quote form here.

There's No Free Lunch

When seeking a hard disk recovery software product to recover from hard drive crash, many users make one critical mistake: they search specifically for free drive data recovery software. While certainly we at Hard Drive Recovery Group warn strongly against such an action, very few can resist the temptation of receiving their data free. What many inexperienced seekers of hard disk recovery software do not know is that at least 10% of situations where hard disk recovery cannot be performed, and data cannot be returned, our cases in which faulty hard disk recovery software was installed over top of the deleted or missing files.

When you're hoping to recover deleted files from your crashed hard disk drive, understand that seeking the bargain should not be your main focus. Your main focus should be returning your data.

Ask yourself this question: would I rather get a free hard disk recovery software tool which has a 50% chance of eliminating my data altogether, or pay sometimes less than $50 for a solution that is guaranteed? In the end, it's always your decision.

Characteristics Of The Best Hard Drive Recovery Software

If there is one key point that we hammer at over and over again, it's that hard disk recovery software should be run from an external media device. Hard Drive Recovery Group offers only such data recovery software, and that is for one hugely important reason: installations frequently write over lost data. And once overwritten, that data is gone forever.

What's more, almost half of hard disk recovery situations simply will not allow hard disk recovery software to be installed anyway. Particularly in cases of physical hard disk crash, there is often no way to access the operating system, effectively rendering these unprofessional hard disk recovery software tools useless.

Contacting A Professional Is The Best Solution

In hard disk recovery, the decisions and actions taken in the first hour or the most critical to the future recoverability of your data. Contacting a professional hard drive repair company such as Hard Drive Recovery Group will not only save you time, it will save you money in the long run. As well, the call is completely free, and can at least put you on the road to recovering your missing or deleted files or partitions.

Contact us here for a free hard disk recovery consultation.

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