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We are in an age and where software can almost do anything. The advent of massively available PCs at extremely low cost, coupled with the advances in the Microsoft Windows operating system, has staged somewhat of a golden age. This means you can use software to manage your company, your personal finances, even your health. Companies track sales, schedule appointments and gain competitive edge using software, leading to one of the most dynamic economic revolutions ever.

Hard drive recovery software (and now, Mac data recovery software) has come as part of this age of invention, but more out of emergency necessity than out of the need to increase productivity. But hard drive recovery software could well be one of the most dangerous products you may ever use. Let us explain why.

Vendors, Vendors Everywhere

This offshore software industry continues to grow year by year. The past 10 years have shown that it is one of the greatest businesses ever existed, with the margins to prove it. What this has brought is some secondary, and often shady players to the game. In hard drive recovery software, it is no different.

The only difference with hard drive recovery software is that what is at stake is potentially extremely valuable. When it comes to data loss, or deleted files, you need to be assured that the drive recovery software you use is 100% effective. That your data is retrieved completely safely, and that if it is lost during the recovery process, you have some kind of guarantee.

With about 90% of hard drive recovery software companies out there, you do not have recompense. In fact, if their software, typically a data recovery utility toolset, overwrites your data, it may be gone forever. But there are important ways to distinguish between second rate hard drive recovery software and the software you know will return and recover deleted files.

Retrieving Data With Software

It is important to note that some of the best tools in the hard drive recovery software industry, such as those used by hard drive repair companies like the Hard Drive Recovery Group, are sometimes remote software products. In many cases, what a data recovery service provider will do is connect to your computer remotely and recover data over the web. This means there is no need to install hard drive recovery software on your computer, which ensures that installation will not overwrite your data. This is a very key point we must make.

Additionally, professional data recovery service providers who offer hard drive recovery software, such as our company, will typically offer data recovery software which has a small data footprint. Typically, our most popular hard drive recovery software products do not install on your computer at all. Instead, what do you do is run them directly from external media such as a CD-ROM or floppy disk. This is the best approach, as it ensures none of your data is lost and it can be retrieved fully.

A large percentage of our customers come to us for data recovery services after they have used faulty data recovery software. What is unfortunate for our recovery service technicians is that frequently, we simply cannot recover data that is requested. The installed recovery software products often are so large, that they have an written over lost partitions or deleted files. When this happens, those files may not be recoverable. This is why we recommend you contact us first.

A call to Hard Drive Recovery Group is always free. Contacting a professional data recovery service technician ensures you do not make any rash moves to attempt to retrieve your data. Let us put your mind at ease, and return your data to you as soon as possible.

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