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The last decade's revolution in storage technology and arrival of different new applications with hard drive restore functions has made data safer than ever. And with that implied safety has come exaggerated amounts of data storage use. People now require drive space not only for storing important data but also for keeping up with the additional requirements of new technology. Fortunately, the low cost of this drive space is helpful, and multi gigabyte storage arrays that used to call for five figure investments are now a couple of thousands of dollars or less.

Invincible Times

With all of this hard drive space available (now we're talking Terabytes for under a hundred dollars), you almost feel a little invincible. Whereas before we had to use external backups, and inconvenient things like CDs and DVDs to free up valuable hard drive space, this is no longer the case. Nope, now we can just set it and forget it.

Hard Disk Failure Lurks

In the meantime, the dirty little secret of the data storage industry lurks: hard disk drives are still mechanical devices. Mechanical devices, as you may have known if you ever owned a car made between the 60s to 90s, break down. So while this invincibility makes us feel cocky enough that backing up seems a little ridiculous at times, it really isn't. No. In fact, you should be doing it right now. It's important to know that every moment your computer is on, your files are in fact at risk. And when they go down, things will seem pretty miserable.

Software As A Substitute To Hard Drive Recovery

Lately, there is a large amount of software available on the market with robust hard drive restore functions for when your file system goes kaput. These products are for "file system repairs" only, and not in the case of a catastrophic hard disk failure. These applications are available online and through retailers. On balance, these products are effective, but again, if your drive physically crashes, they can actually worsen the damage.

When Hard Drive Restore Software Is A No-No

Physical damage is the number one enemy of the healthy hard disk drive. Whether that is due to heat, dust, electrical or water exposure, these are all drive killers. Although there are hundreds of data recovery software vendors out there that will tell you their product is guaranteed to recover anything, a melted down hard disk humbles them real quick. In cases like this, you either have to consider a hard drive recovery professional or nothing. And this is where prevention is key.

Taking Data Backups

Yes, yes. Everyone in the hard drive repair industry preaches about backing up. But that's for a reason: most of our clients would be a lot less panicked if they did it. In fact, not a lot of them would even be our clients. But since this rarely happens, knowing that you always have professional help in cases of all out physical hard drive failure is a good thing. Meanwhile, if you encounter file system problems or accidental deletions, that, and only that is the time to use applications with hard drive restore functions.

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