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Hard Drive Retrieval Procedures

With the help of this guide, you'll be well on your way to hard drive retrieval, even if your drive seems like a brick right now.

If you have been a long time PC user and have heard that data stored on a hard disk is not exactly safe, this is in fact true. Hard disk drive storage is in fact different from tapes or CDs or other ways of storage because these drives are mechanical, dynamic devices and are thus subject to breakdown.

How Hard Drive Retrieval Is Done

When your hard drive has crashed, the understandable question to ask is, "how can hard drive retrieval be completed?" The answer is not as difficult as you might think, but does require the hands of a professional hard disk recovery shop, which not only has the right equipment, but most importantly the knowledge to know what to do with it.

Logical Hard Drive Recovery

The fact is, the first thing data recovery companies will do when they receive a drive is to assess it to decide what recovery method will be required. If the drive breakdown is just a software problem, they will perform a scan of the drive to try and repair the file system. Additionally, a partition may be able to be repaired and if it cannot be done, they will do an extremely low-level scan, searching every division of the hard disk for files. This is typically where a "light duty recovery" comes into play, also known as a "Level One Recovery". When the deep scanning software locates a lost file, it will be copied onto a portable media such as a CD-ROM, a DVD-ROM, or instead onto another hard disk.

Logical hard drive retrieval can take some time, especially if the drive is close to physical failure. It is not strange for scanning to take a whole day, and recovering any files that are found can take another. Usually, however, it is a somewhat quicker process.

Physical Hard Drive Recovery

If your hard disk has encountered physical breakdown, the recovery process is significantly more difficult. There are two separate types of physical breakdown; electronic and mechanical.

When hard drive retrieval is performed after a physical failure, a professional shop will likely have the parts on hand to perform the fix. Typically, best of breed shops are extremely well equipped, and perform such a recovery in a sterilized environment known as a "clean room".

If the printed circuit board has failed on your drive, an OEM board may be necessary to recover the essential circuit components for replacement as in many cases it is not possible to exchange the damaged circuit with the new one. This type of repair requires outstanding skills and an ample electronics knowledge for a successful repair.

A reasonable physical data recovery job is one that can be completed within a few days, depending on how busy the provider is. Expedited service is available for emergency hard drive retrieval, and is performed with priority at a slightly higher cost. .

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