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Harddrive Recovery

Computer data storage technology continues to improve as the years pass. While a short 10 years ago, the maximum harddrive space available on a 3.5" hard disk drive was near 2 GB, that threshold is now much higher. Harddrive manufacturers such as Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital, and IBM now offer hard drives with a maximum data storage capacity of 1000 GB or above.

This is particularly important for enterprise servers such as MS SQL, MS exchange, and Oracle servers. These mission-critical enterprise servers now process more data than ever in mid to large organizations, and are thus more important than they have ever been. Large-scale storage technology and the increase in hard drive capacity has ensured that productivity per user is higher than it is ever been.

Mass Storage Costs

With mass storage available on today's HDD units (harddrive recovery is also known in some quarters as HDD repair), data access is much faster, storage capacity is much higher, and systems can now process more data quicker. At the same time, these hard disk drive units remain the same physical size. Harddrive manufacturers such as Maxtor, Western Digital, and Seagate, perhaps adapting to recent computer hardware trends, have chosen to maximize the ability of hard disk drive platters to store data.

What this means is that on each hard disk drive platter, these manufacturers now have the ability to store far more data than they used to. The cost of this comes in the amount of heat these new hard disk drives generate. In effect, these harddrives must work harder than ever, and when hard drives work hard, they generate heat.

In general, computer cooling systems have not changed in order to adapt to the shrinking size of hard disk drive components. This often means hard drive failure or crash due to physical problems. In portable computing situations, it has presented a lot of demand for laptop hard drive recovery.

Your Problem: File System, Or Harddrive Crash?

Before contacting any harddrive recovery company, is always a good idea to self-assess your potential data loss to find out if drive recovery is possible. The first step which we recommend to all potential clients is a simple one: do not panic. While it may sound simplistic, it is a very critical point. What many harddrive recovery clients do not understand is that the technology is there to recover their data in 98% of occasions. Not making any rash moves is likely to guarantee that your harddrive can be recovered after all.

File System Issues

If your hard disk drive is quiet, and is showing that it has been detected by your BIOS, you may simply have a file system issue. The Windows XP operating system is far from a completely stable system, and often simple NTFS errors can make it appear as if you are encountering hard disk drive problems.

In cases such as this, you may need to use specialized harddrive recovery software such as that provided by that Hard Drive Recovery Group. When choosing a harddrive recovery software application, remember one thing: the software must not install on your harddrive.

This is a critical point, because installing a new program on your harddrive when some of your data is at risk has the potential to overwrite that data forever. Always consult with a harddrive recovery technician before trying such data recovery software products. In cases of data loss, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Hard Disk Drive Issues

If you have encountered a harddrive crash or failure, data recovery software is unlikely to help. Some symptoms of a harddrive repair case include: a clicking sound, a buzzing sound, or a BIOS which does not detect the HDD.

There are more obvious signs, of course, such as computer systems which have been affected by natural disasters including fire, floods, or electrical damage. Although many of our clients do not believe that harddrive recovery is possible from such physical hard drive failure cases, in fact, they often are. We always encourage you to contact a harddrive recovery shop before you make any decision as to repairing your hard drive. One phone call can save you not only lots of money, but lots of time.

Consult With Us First

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, our data recovery technicians are standing by 24 hours a day to help you recover data from your hard drive. Our technicians are trained to ask the right questions to determine whether your hard drive problem is file system related, or is in fact a physical hard drive failure. This can be the difference in recovering your data within one hour, or a week or more. When contacting us, be assured that we offer a guarantee that no other shop in the industry offers: data recovered, or it's free.

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