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Have you experienced a failed hard drive, accidentally dropped your laptop or external hard drive or just experienced some form of accidental file loss? Is your business server encountering difficulties or have you discovered that your raid array has failed? If so, look no further.
Hard Drive Recovery Group is a truly local solution, providing complete consumer and business data recovery services to Irvine and the surrounding Orange County areas for over 15 years now. Our hard drive recovery rate is around 98%, and we can ensure that we get your data to you as fast as possible, with little worry of loss.

As you can see, we're located just off of Interstate 5 right near the Irvine Metrolink. If you need further directions, please feel free to call us.

Contact us here for a free quote or to arrange a pickup!

Hard Drive Recovery Group's Irvine Location

Being Local Makes A Difference

With a location just off the interstate 5 in Irvine at 12 Mauchly, (see map above), we are conveniently located to not only Irvine citizens, but also to the beach communities such as Newport, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and some of Orange county's biggest cities including, Anaheim, Orange, and Santa Ana. Local data recovery has always been a major part of our business, and we offer special discounts to local customers.

Contact us for more details about our monthly local specials. We have always provided deep discounts to our local customers as we enjoy building solid relationships in the local Orange County community. The more people we help, the better we feel!

Free Server Pickup And Deep Discounts For Locals

Also important to note is the fact that we offer free server pickup for businesses in not only the Orange county region, but also in San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties. Our business clientele has always been incredibly important to us and we understand that business hard drive failure can mean lost profits and productivity.

You can be assured that if you drop off your business server to us, we can typically provide you with expedited 24 hour server recovery at no extra charge. This is one of the key areas in which we give back to the local business community.

Save On Shipping And Meet Us Face To Face
Your data is incredibly important to you. So when you have a catastrophic hard drive crash, it can seem as if the world is ending. It is not. By visiting our headquarters in Irvine, we can quickly analyze your hard disk problem and suggest the most affordable solution possible.

Why send your precious hard drive to a company upstate or across the country when you can simply jump in the car and have your drive in capable hands within 10 minutes? Our data recovery technicians are always here to provide you with free support in cases of data loss. We're told that we are pretty friendly, as well.

Irvine Clean Room Data Recovery Experts
Something many of our local customers do not know is that many computer repair shops in the area actually send their hard drive recoveries to us for clean room data recovery. Because we are experienced with every hard disk and server manufacturer, and have one of the few fully equipped class 100 clean rooms in the Orange County area, local computer repair experts trust Hard Drive Recovery Group.

Of course, the difference in cost between dropping your hard drive with a computer repair shop and having them outsource to us and dropping it off to us directly is often 15-25%. Basically, you immediately receive a the local discount when you deliver your hard drive to us. And let's face it, we all can do with that kind of cost savings nowadays.

So whether you have dropped an external hard drive and cannot get it to start again, have a MacBook that has difficulty booting or have a Exchange server that has hung up, go with the data recovery company Irvine has trusted for over 15 years. Go with Hard Drive Recovery Group.

Contact us here or call us at 1-866-341-4374. We are available by phone 24 hours per day!

Hard Drive Recovery Group
12 Mauchly Drive, Building C
Irvine, CA
Toll free from anywhere: 1-866-341-4374

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