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Mac Hard Drive Recovery: Five Important Things To Look For

So youre working on an important document, and bam! Your Mac goes down. The hard drive appears, for all intents and purposes, to be inaccessible. When this is the case, it may be likely youve encountered a catastrophic mechanical hard drive failure. Basically, no data recovery software around is going to help you. So what to do now?

Unless you have your own clean room and lots of experience with the inner workings of hard drives (if you do, its doubtful youre reading this article, frankly), youre going to need the help of a professional Mac Hard Drive Recovery Provider. Here are some things to look at when weighing your options:

  1. Importance Of Data First off, how important is the data on your drive? If you can afford to lose your data, and simply get a new drive, this is probably the cheapest alternative out there. Its easy as pie to install Mac OS X on a clean drive, so if you didnt have many important files anyway, this is your best route. If, on the other hand, your Mac contains important business or personal data, a professional will be necessary.
  2. Mac Experience The fact is, there are a million shops that claim to do Windows-based hard drive recovery. Mac data recovery is a very different animal. While the concepts are typically the same, the equipment and familiarity with the Mac file system is critical when choosing your vendor. Dont just settle on anyone, ask them for recent examples.
  3. Testimonials In a similar vein, if the data recovery provider you call upon says that they offer Mac data recovery, ask them for some references. While many companies will not provide actual names and phone numbers due to security concerns, they will at least have a good library of customer testimonials on hand. It never hurts to get references, especially when it comes to your critical data.
  4. Partial Telephone Diagnosis A lot of data recovery services providers do this: rush you to ship your drive to them fast so that you have no choice in the matter. In fact, some aggressive Mac hard drive recovery sales people dont even ask questions beyond how fast can you get it here? The fact is, a company that doesnt ask questions about the data loss is probably just looking to scam you and hold your Mac hard drive for ransom. Which brings us to the next point.
  5. Get A Quote Up Front - Typically, if youve spoken to a Mac data recovery shop thats worth its salt, youll be able to get a very good idea, if not a guarantee on price. One of the issues that many people have with smaller data recovery service providers is that they charge more than they initially quoted, and then play the hostage scenario (see number 4). Make sure you get a guaranteed quote in writing before you ship anything anywhere. Itll save you more money than you thought.

Fact is, no one wants to be in a situation where they need Mac hard drive recovery services. But if you are in that situation, remember to stay smart and dont panic. Your data is retrievable you just need to be sure its in the right hands.

Mac Data Recovery Software

The recent, and rather immense popularity of the Mac computing platform has taken the PC industry by storm. While the Apple Corporation was once merely a small player, the iPod has advanced this role markedly, resulting in a much larger market share for the Mac OS, and its previous flavors. This growth has come fast, and has created one particular problem for Mac OS users. That problem: data recovery. The fact is, most Mac data recovery software developers simply have not been around for any reasonable amount of time, and as a result have dubious track records with their products. This is why choosing the proper Mac data recovery software product is very critical: because many of them are simply not up to standard.

About Mac Data Recovery Software

The key difference between Windows and Mac data recovery software is the file system involved. The Windows file system is known as NTFS, or New Technology File System, where as the HFS system, used on Mac computers is known as HFS or the Hierarchical File system. Current Mac computers, including iPods, use a newer version of the HFS system known as HFS+.

At this point, the HFS plus file system is far more popular than the older HFS file system. But, there are still a large number of HFS Mac hard drives still working today, a testament to the robustness of the Mac. HFS plus is the great improvement on the original HFS system, as it supports much larger files and uses Unicode for naming the items. With HFS plus, your Mac computer can permit file names of up to 255 characters. It is a 32-bit file system, and was geared much like the Windows NTFS system, to maximize disk space. Chances are, if you have a Mac computer built after 1998, your system uses HFS plus.

Hard Drive Recovery Software

When looking for a Mac data recovery software product, it is important to watch for a number of considerations. The great thing about the HFS plus system, is that post 2002, the system in has much greater data reliability than most other file systems today. This also means that Mac data recovery software built to retrieve data on earlier systems must be very safe and particularly robust. The difficulty with many Mac data recovery software products available on the market today is that they are designed specifically for HFS plus file systems and as a result have a spotty record when it comes to the HFS system.

If your computer was built after 1998, you should not be a problem. But for those early users, it is important that you choose a Mac data recovery software product geared directly for the HFS system. A Hard Drive Recovery Group, we offer such a product, as we have offered Mac data recovery software and services since we began hard drive repair in the early 1990s. Contacting us direct is the best way to get started if you own one of these older systems. We guarantee that our Mac data recovery software will not damage your data structure, the common problem with competing Mac data recovery software products.

Resist Installation

An additional key to adopting Mac data recovery software is to ensure that is affordable and when you save it, save it to media such as a CD-R, DVD RW, or floppy disk. When you have accidentally deleted a file, experienced a drive-sector problem, encountered damage to your extent file, or had corrupted catalog file problems, it is important that you do not attempt to install Mac data recovery software to your drive.

Doing this can actually write over your missing files, and ensure that your files can never be recovered. Hard Drive Recovery Group offers such non-installed Mac hard drive repair software, at a very competitive price. Understand that by using Hard Drive Recovery Group Mac data recovery software, you gain the benefit of years of mac data recovery experience. This is not something many software competitors can offer.

Get A Free Mac Data Recovery Software Quote Now

Of course, not all Mac data recovery situations can be recovered using a software program. We encourage you to call us toll-free at the number above so that our Mac data recovery technicians can properly assess your data loss issue. With our software, as well as our data recovery services, you can be insured that you gain the benefits of our key guarantee: data recovered, or it's free. Contacting an expert now ensures that no data accidents occur, and that we at least can put you on the right path towards Mac data recovery.

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