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Mail Recovery

Where would you be without email? After more that 8 years of common use, email has literally become irreplaceable. Each day around the world, millions of emails are sent, containing everything from brief messages to the most important business details transferred across thousands of miles in seconds. This makes mail recovery a critical task. Because a majority of users currently use Outlook or Lotus Notes to catalogue and organize their emails, recovering email is not as simple as it could be. Exchange servers make mail recovery that much more difficult, and has resulted in one of our key corporate user specialties: MS exchange recovery.

Technology And Self-Performed Mail Recovery

The relationship with advanced messaging technologies and your ability to recover your email in cases of disaster is a tense one. The fact is, the more complex your email system, the more the likelihood that file corruption or data loss will require the help of a professional data recovery company like Hard Drive Recovery Group. This is especially true with Microsoft's Outlook program, which uses a .PST file.

File Corruption and Mail Recovery
As email manager products such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes mature, data recovery tools have become to improve. In fact, these two packages include some self-recovery modules, which can protect you in cases where a minor error occurs. But, these mail recovery tools are never truly flawless. In many cases, they may not perform the .PST recovery tasks that they should. In fact, in some cases they can actually further corrupt your mail database. But, it is important to note that usually, these errors can be recovered from.

Physical Hard Drive Recovery and E-Mail
So you're working on something, and your computer begins to emit noises. These can be clicking, buzzing or other noises that don't commonly present themselves. Then, a Windows Blue Screen Of Death. Suddenly, attempts to reboot your computer are ineffective. Perhaps you're also seeing a "boot device not found" error when you attempt to start your computer. If you see any of these symptoms, recovering mail and/or data might be more difficult than simply running a software program and hoping for the best.

When Data Backup Fails
As a data recovery company, Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in mail recovery. We have experience with a wide array of email management packages, and have recovered mail for thousands of users since we began recovering data. Still, we always encourage our customers to NOT become repeat customers. And the simplest way to do this: backup. And then backup again. Truly, having a backup plan in place can mean the difference between a panic, 48 hour delay in productivity and potential financial loss because your mail is not recoverable, and a quick mail data restoration which could take less than five minutes.

Has your mail program corrupted your email files? Contact us here for a free recovery quote. Typically, we can diagnose the problem over the phone. If it is simply a software problem, we can often have your mail up and running within the hour. If it is a more complex program, we may require more advanced techniques. Contact us here.

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