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MS Exchange Data Recovery

As email communication becomes more and more important not only to the corporate world, but also to small and mid sized businesses, the use of Microsoft's Exchange Server product has increased markedly.

Having in MS exchange server in your company's IT arsenal is a tool which creates a phenomenal amount of productivity. This is a truly high value productivity tool which has afforded new opportunities for businesses both on a regional and global basis. If there is a downside to MS exchange, it is that companies are extremely dependent on once they adopt it. So when disaster occurs at the MS exchange server level, serious problems can occur which require professional exchange server recovery.

What's more, recent statistics show that up to 30% of IT administrators working with MS exchange server do not have an effective real-time backup system in place. As a result, MS exchange recovery has become a specialty of Hard Drive Recovery Group, a specialty which has made customers of all branches of the Armed Forces, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, UPS, and Raytheon among others

The features of this particular product are very robust, and enable developers and administrators to not only cull new data from this powerful platform, but to also handle important add-on apps, such as scheduling and CRM programs. But with the increasing use of this has come the need for MS Exchange Data Recovery (and sometimes SQL database recovery, as service we also offer).

MS Exchange Data Recovery Tips

Most administrators understand that MS Exchange data recovery and harddrive recovery can be very simple if the right tools are used. For many companies, an exchange server recovery can be simply done if a backup has been created and stored to various media, which may include data tape, DVD-R or RW or other external media storage.

MS Exchange Server 2003 does offer an important data recovery tool in what is called the Mailbox Recovery Center, which can typically restore corrupted data which may have occurred through regular use or human error.

Using Exmerge.exe
A MS Exchange Server 2003 data recovery is often quite simple because of its tool available to mount storage databases using the Recovery Storage Group feature. Within this group, it is possible to use the Exmerge utility to recover mailboxes to the Recovery Storage Group. This is a truly powerful exchange database recovery toolset, and as of yet we have seen nothing which comes close.

Other tools are available, of varying complexity, from which simple database recoveries can be performed. Some of these techniques can be found at such reference sites as or

Two Avenues To MS Exchange Recovery

When MS exchange recovery is necessary, there are typically two root causes. The first, a file system error, is the most common. With an error in the .EDB (the exchange streaming database), often the MS exchange server can cease to function properly, or actually damage some of the data within the database.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers a specialized .EDB recovery software which enables IT administrators to recover their MS exchange database remotely, which saves the labor and hassle of sending in the MS exchange server to our shop. This product works well for many of our customers, and in situations where it can work, it can frequently recover all MS exchange data and enable full of time within a period of hours. This process is one of the most cost effective, productivity-friendly forms of Exchange database recovery available.

Data recovery software can also be used in cases where the .OST file is available to be recovered. Although this is definitely less beneficial than having the .EDB file available, it still provides a suitable solution for MS exchange recovery.

When Professional Help Is Required
Not all MS Exchange data recovery can be performed in an OS environment, however. The fact is, backups do not only fail, but backup programs can be not as stringent as necessary. This occurs, obviously, when data that is required does not appear after a "complete" recovery. In cases like this, professional help will likely be required, either to provide recovery software, or to provide advice and help with the drive/database for the MS exchange recovery.

Physical Hard Drive Damage
Physically damaged hard drives, whether through electrical or mechanical failure, flood, fire or physical damage, virtually always requires professional help when MS Exchange data recovery is necessary.

Hard drives, when damaged, can only be accessed and fixed by a specialized company like Hard Drive Recovery Group, which has access to a Clean Room facility. Trying to open a hard drive by yourself will not only void all warranties on that particular piece of hardware, but will also make the possibility of recovering that data extremely difficult..

The fact is, there is no MS exchange server recovery software product available today that can recover .EDB or .OST files from a failed hard drive. In cases like this, it will always be necessary to contact a professional hard drive repair company such as Hard Drive Recovery Group. Professional level companies have access to a certified Clean Room which ensure that data is safe and that no contaminants interfere with the MS exchange recovery process.

Do you think you need professional MS Exchange data recovery? (Note: we also offer professional MS SQL recovery)

Get Started Now

Getting started on your MS exchange recovery job is as simple as picking up the phone or contacting us with our data recovery quote form. Our experienced MS exchange recovery technicians will be able to diagnose your proper course of action by asking you questions about the system problems. We guarantee data is recovered or we do not charge.

If so, contact us here for a hard drive recovery quote. Or call us at the toll free number above.

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