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Oracle Disaster Recovery

An Oracle database can be an immensely powerful tool for any administrator. No matter the organization, whether educational, business or government, the Oracle database system is becoming increasingly an critical asset for business processes big and small. This makes Oracle Disaster Recovery an important issue every administrator must understand.

Oracle Disaster Recovery Tips

Any Oracle administrator worth his salt will tell you that Oracle Disaster Recovery takes place well before a disaster ever occurs. The planning stage is critical, and without backups, disaster recovery can become a huge issue. In this case, and whenever data is concerned, planning for the worst will help ensure that when and if it does happen, your downtime is minimized. In cases where physical hard drive failure has occurred, you're in serious trouble. Although in some cases, you may be able to find true hard drive data recovery by simply downloading one of our simple server data recovery software solutions. (Note: We also offer SQL database recovery and professional linux recovery services. Get some MS SQL recovery tips here.)

Easily the best way to create an Oracle Disaster Recovery plan is simply to have a robust backup system in place. This should be considered your number one priority when planning. And, make it as robust as possible. That means, try to have a remote backup system. Also, if you are using tapes, ensure that you are swapping them on at least a weekly basis, as the obsolete nature of magnetic tape means that it breaks down really easily.

If you are using a single backup solution, consider a second. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we have seen too many organizations have to request our services simply because their backup program failed and didn't do what it was supposed to do. Keeping it simple helps, and compression programs can often be used effectively to save those critical files.

When Professional Help Is Necessary
It's a fact. Not every administrator in the world has a robust, 100% effective backup plan. And when an outage or hardware issue occurs, that can mean that professional Oracle data recovery help is required.

Professional hard drive data recovery and Oracle Disaster Recovery services become an absolute must in scenarios where physical hard drive failure has occurred. In cases like this, you will definitely require a professional data recovery service such as the Hard Drive Recovery Group. The fact is, even the most savvy IT professional likely does not have access to the tools, or the Clean Room facilities necessary for professional data recovery, much less the mission critical nature of Oracle Disaster Recovery.

Contact us here for a quote or at the toll free number above. If you are creating your Oracle Disaster Recovery plan, you may want to check out some of the important reference links below.

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