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Orange County Data Recovery Services

Knowing who to trust when you're looking for Orange County data recovery is a very important piece of knowledge. One of the problems with data loss is that no one, no matter how precise their plans are, is ready for it. And usually, the more important and mission critical the system (such as a RAID 5 server with Oracle or a Microsoft Exchange Server), the more likely the potential for panic. Backup solutions are rarely completely infallible, and because of this, even the sturdiest of IT administrators can fear for his or her job when that surprise crash hits the organization.

We offer complete data recovery solutions for the entire Orange County, California area, and many of our best customers are located in Anaheim, Irvine (where we're located, as per the map below), Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and even as far north as Long Beach.

As you can see, we're located just off of Interstate 5 near the Irvine Metrolink. We do offer free server pickup to all customers in the Orange, San Diego And Los Angeles County areas.

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HDRG offers data recovery to Orange County

Looking Locally For Hard Drive Recovery Service

For many business managers, an emergency data loss situation prompts an immediate web search for the best hard drive recovery service. This is usually a great call, as long as you specify locality (such as "Irvine data recovery", as an example. When you're faced with a mission critical server problem, time is money, and a local provider is always going to be the best choice, as long as the expertise and experience is there.

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Why The Phonebook Doesn't Help With Data Recovery

It's an old habit, but it is one that still hasn't really changed for most people. When an emergency situation that requires Exchange or RAID data recovery service comes up, they will almost always turn to the Yellow Pages.

Problem with this, of course, is that not every Yellow Pages book will have a section specifically for data recovery. Computer Repair is often represented, yes, but rarely is there a section specifically for high level hard drive recovery providers (although Orange County is lucky to feature a lot of the top data recovery companies in the world, including, of course, Hard Drive Recovery Group).

Walk Away From Computer Repair Shops

It's important to understand that it is extremely rare for a computer repair shop to offer hard disk data recovery services in house. Ask them if they do, on the other hand, and you may get a different story. The fact is that most computer shops are there for fixing minor computer issues. Any real hard drive recovery situations which require a clean room, they will 99 times out of 100 outsource to another company. So if you have had an actual physical hard drive crash, avoid Computer Repair like the plague!

Why Going Local Works

When confronted with real issues with your mission critical systems, (such as an Exchange or Oracle Server, or a RAID array that requires repair), working with a local provider can cut down the amount of downtime your company or organization is going to face.

What's more, a lot of people like the ability to "go local", as it's nice to come face to face with the people that are going to provide you with your data recovery service. Choosing the best vendor is critical, obviously, but a lot of people don't want to ship their servers to some far off provider. Expedited hard drive recovery services can add a lot to the cost of the process, and the shipping time, say from California to New York, can be quite long.

In the end, being able to drive up with your server in tow and speak to a real live person face to face is one of the edges a local Orange County data recovery service like Hard Drive Recovery Group can provide. Plus, we do offer a "local" discount.

This is certainly a great reason to keep it local with Hard Drive Recovery Group..

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