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LTO Tape Recovery from HDRG

High end systems like RAID 10 and above require serious backup hardware, and nowhere has this function been better addressed than in the LTO Ultrium drive. LTO Ultrium drives have exceptional backup capabilities because of their high recording density and high reliability.

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This is why the LTO recovery is not an extremely common request at Hard Drive Recovery Group the format stands up for itself. But because of its overall complexity, when an LTO tape failure occurs, it can be particularly catastrophic, and can result in serious losses of very important data. An LTO recovery is not one which should be attempted by a non-professional, though. Each user error or misused utility program can mean the difference between total recovery and total loss.

Typical LTO Ultrium Problems

If your LTO drive attempts to read data from a specific area of the LTO tape, and no results are obtained, you may have a physical tape issue. In many cases, a simple restore or selective restore is effective, and will provide effective LTO recovery. This is the first action taken by most administrators, and usually makes sense.

However, if a simple restore fails, it is critical that you listen to the drive. If more than one track on the tape has been corrupted, you may need to seek the help of a professional. Additionally, if the drive is making noise such as tearing or flapping, shutdown the drive immediately. Continuing to attempt the restore can result in serious damage to the tape and the data.

Noises Emanating From The LTO Drive

If you hear what sounds like a tearing or flapping sound, its pretty much guaranteed that the tape has snapped or run off of its reel. Safe removal of the tape should be your first action here, as the datas safety depends on it. Do your best to not force anything, particularly the tape ribbon itself. In many cases, the tape may be wrapped around the Ultrium drives take-up reel. Attempting to remove the tape can break it, which can make LTO recovery especially hard. The experienced LTO Tape Recovery Engineers at Hard Drive Recovery Group can help.

Lost or Missing Data From An LTO Cartridge

As with all forms of media which can be easily recorded over, a seemingly blank LTO cartridge may actually still contain the data you require. If a backup has been written over the required data, you may be out of luck. However, this may not necessarily be the case. If you have performed something as simple as a quick erase or tape re-labeling, all of the pertinent data may still be there and ripe for recovery. It all really depends on how much has been written since the original loss. The less written, the more likely your data can be restored.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, our engineers are trained to assess your drive and then provide the safest, most complete LTO recovery possible. Our experience can make the difference between a full recovery, and a recovery malfunction from a fledgling data recovery provider. Contact us here for a free LTO recovery assessment.

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