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Hard Drive Recovery Group's experience with RAID restoration and recovery spans hundreds of machines, owned by small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies (here are just a few of them). The focus of RAIDCenter is to provide IT professionals with the kind of RAID information necessary to recover from mild errors in their arrays, while paying special attention to symptoms that might be beyond anything but a professional's data recovery scope. Here are some of the latest posts at RAIDCenter:

24 Hour RAID Repair - When your mission critical data is at risk, time is of the essense. We offer the fastest RAID recovery service in the business.

RAID 5 Data Recovery - Goes over the details behind RAID 0, 1 and 5 failures and how to remedy them.

RAID Configurations Defined - The advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular forms of RAID used at an Enterprise level today.

RAID Drive Failure - Experiencing a single RAID drive failure may not be as bad as you think. Multiple drives, however, require professional RAID failure recovery.

Dell PowerEdge Data Recovery - One of the most common and best selling RAID systems out there, the Dell RAID system recovery requires a specialized expertise.

SAN Data Recovery - Sometimes complex in nature because of multiple remote data storage device inclusion, this form of data recovery is frequently performed using remote proprietary software.

SNAP Data Recovery - With a specialized file architecture, the SNAP data storage system can be a tricky one to recover data from.

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These are the main causes of RAID 5 failure that require data recovery. But there are others. Remember that at Hard Drive Recovery Group, a consultation is always free. Don’t take chances when it comes to your mission critical RAID-stored data. Call us first.

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