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Mac RAID Recovery From HDRG

As the IPhone has gained traction both in consumer and now business circles, the Mac has become a viable alternative for more than just specialty applications like design and video. Whereas just a few years ago, Mac RAID setups were running only video editing and high end graphic design software, now high end Apple computers can be found in many other businesses, and homes. Mac RAID recovery, then, has always been a rare data recovery service until the past two years. Suddenly, recovering Mac RAID arrays has become far more mainstream.

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HFS+ Experts And RAID

While many data recovery shops will claim to recover Mac hard drives and specialize in the HFS+ file system, mix in a RAID 0, 5, 6 or 10 setup, and you could find your data in serious danger. While everyone in the industry claims to be an expert, only Hard Drive Recovery Group can claim the most Mac RAID recovery jobs performed in the industry. Because the Mac RAID user group is so tightly knit, our company has benefited from a word of mouth campaign which has exploded. This experience has enabled us to diagnose and repair most HFS+ RAID array errors, and get the systems up and running within 24 hours. Few others can offer this.

Mac RAID Recovery Software?

When faced with what appears to be a catastrophic Mac RAID configuration error, most users, professional system administrators or not, will first assume that Mac RAID repair software is available to fix the array. While software will provide the appropriate fix for many Mac issues, data recovery is not one of them.

While software may provide fixes for simple RAID file system configuration errors, it can sometimes worsen situations where actual hardware, such as hard disk drives or RAID controllers have malfunctioned. In fact, over 50% of catastrophic Mac RAID recovery jobs we receive are actually worsened by novice recovery attempts.

Some packages will claim to recover data even from "corrupted disks and bad Controller cards", but our customers' experience with these packages has been extremely poor, if not catastrophic. What's more, many of these packages are priced above $500 and sometimes more than $1000, which in some cases is more than a physical RAID repair job with shipping! Wouldn't you rather put your data in the hands of an expert as opposed to gamble it on an untested RAID software product?

Hard Drive Recovery Group RAID repair technicians are Mac RAID recovery experts. We have repaired RAID systems of all stripes (pardon the pun!) since the first RAID were introduced, and continue to make it our key data recovery service focus. See why when it comes to Mac RAID recovery, real experience counts.

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