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Recover My Files ?

Not only do businesses revolve around computers, but your personal life may as well. Many crucial files are stored on your Windows or Mac hard drive, including family and vacation photos, and contact information stored in Outlook .PST files. If you ever lost those files and were unprepared, you may find yourself saying "I wish I could recover my files." The truth is you can solve most data loss issues from your home in a matter of hours using hard drive data recovery software from Hard Drive Recovery Group.

The Difference Is Experience
We have provided hard drive repair and recovery services since 1984, and our data recovery experts have literally seen it all. We recover 98% of the hard drives sent to us, which is unheard of practically anywhere in the industry. The fact is, we're confident enough in our services to issue this data recovery guarantee: you do not pay a penny if we cannot recover your files. It's that simple.

First off, when we claim to be data recovery experts, it is not an empty promise. HDRG specialists have a wide array of hard disk data recovery experience. We have recovered data from Web and Enterprise-level servers, RAID disasters, Oracle and MS exchange servers and SANs.

We also worked with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows NTFS, Mac, MS SQL, Novell Netware, Linux, Unix, BSD, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and HP UX, among many others. Our experts are constantly training to stay ahead of technology changes. When the question arises: "who can recover my files?" the answer is simple: Hard Drive Recovery Group.

Recovery Software Options
We offer a wide array of data recovery software applications. With boot sector repair software, as an example, you can rebuild boot sectors and partition tables, two of the most common problems which are not hard drive failure related. If you have accidentally deleted an important file, file recovery software or file undeletion software can enable you to recover it within minutes. our photo recovery software can recover your image files of many digital camera cards, including Memory Stick, Compact Flash and SmartMedia cards.

If your problem is more severe, such as physical damage to your hard drive or crash, you still have options available to you. Such symptoms as clicking or buzzing noises can mean your hard drive has encountered damage, and our experts can be the ones to recovery your files. We have one of the only clean room labs in North America as well, ensuring that your media will not be contaminated, and damaged further.

It is important to remember never to use data recovery software that requires installation on your hard drive. If you install a program after data loss, you risk overwriting the lost files, making them completely unrecoverable. No more will you ask "can I recover my files?" The answer is yes. Be confident that HDRG's software and services can recover your files.

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