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Undelete Files

To undelete files is one of the most important functions undelete software can provide. But the fact is, there is still no such thing as a guaranteed undelete. Some files may be overwritten by new data, and in some cases, a physical hard drive failure may have occurred. And, beware of undelete file software utilities which you must save to your hard drive upon downloading. The reason? By saving undelete software on your hard drive, you may be putting your lost data at risk. In most cases, a better idea would be to download a proven undelete software with a small footprint that will fit on a floppy disk. Such a software exists in our file undeletion software package.

First Steps For The Undelete Procedure

When you have accidentally deleted a file you need, the first step should be to go to your Recycle Bin. In some cases, the file may still be there. If this is the case, all you need do is restore it to its original location, and your data will be recovered. But, if your data is not recoverable through this means, you will likely want to download our file undeletion software software, which is available if you contact us directly. This program offers a small footprint and enables you to quickly and easily undelete files which you may have lost.

How file undeletion software Works

When you delete a file from your hard drive, whether intentionally or accidentally, you have not necessarily eliminated the file from your actual physical hard disk. In fact, what usually happens is that the file is simply marked deleted, and your operating system is given permission to write new data in that area when it is necessary. Undelete can work, but should be attempted quickly, as the longer you wait to undelete files, the more unlikely it will be to recover them. Because of the fact that almost every action you take on your computer writes something to your hard disk, every minute represents a danger for the file you would like to retrieve.

This is another reason why "guaranteed undelete" is often a misnomer. As an example, if you deleted a Word Document file from your computer three months ago, your chances of retrieving or undeleting that file may be close to zero, unless you have not used your computer since that time. However, if you accidentally deleted a file, say, six hours ago, file undeletion software may be for you. But remember, with file undeletes, the clock is always ticking.

About file undeletion software

file undeletion software lets you retrieve or undelete files or data quickly, and without any complex technical knowledge. Whether your file was deleted accidentally or intentionally, it may be recovered, even if the recycle bin was emptied.

Another superb feature of the file undeletion software software is the ability to see what lies beneath the surface of your drive. As in, what files are still recoverable on the drive despite the fact that they cannot be seen via command prompt or Windows Explorer. This may be an important tool if you are planning to format your hard disk, and need to be assured no important files are still on the drive. file undeletion software Software's scanning filter also enables you to search for specific file names or types, as well as provide you with detailed information such as the file's path, update and access times and the size and clusters where the deleted files are.

Before Running file undeletion software Software

Please be aware that file undeletion software has a small footprint, and is designed specifically to be saved to and run from a simple floppy disk. This reason for this is simple: saving software to your drive increases the possibility you may write over the file you are hoping to undelete. DO NOT INSTALL an undelete software directly to your hard drive. You could lose the data you are trying to recover in the first place!

Quick Feature Checklist

Recovers deleted files for Windows 95 and above Run from a floppy, with no installation necessary Recovers full file names Includes file search (filter scan) Inexpensive and easy to use Instantly downloadable after purchase

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