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Flat Rate Data Recovery Pricing

Hard Drive Recovery Group has established flat-rate hard drive recovery and data recovery prices that are based on average labor and material costs as well as the type and level of data recovery. Established rates mean consistent and affordable pricing. Believe us, you don't stay in the data recovery business for 20 years without consistent and affordable pricing.

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If you found this page via Google, it is likely because our reputation for competitive hard disk recovery costs precedes us. We always do our best to provide you with the lowest and most affordable hard drive recovery price. Call us toll free for a quote and see!

Got Two Minutes For Exact Pricing?

The best way to get exact recovery pricing is always a quick phone call to HDRG's data recovery engineers can evaluate, diagnose and estimate your data recovery in the time it takes to read this page. Plus, we're one of the only shops in the industry to have engineers on call, 24 hours per day, everyday of the year. So you get an exact number, quickly, and the free technical support you're looking for.

QUICK NOTE: Pricing on hard drive recovery can run anywhere from $49 to $1000 (for really complex problems only, of course.)

We wish we could tell you more, but it's tough to do. Every data loss issue is different, and although we could bore you with "classifications" and "data recovery levels", we won't. But, you may be interested in these examples:

The Low End Example: A $49-$99 The File Deletion Problem
Ok, so let's say you deleted a file and can't get it back... This is the kind of data recovery that almost any computer repair shop can do. Typically, it just involves a cheap data recovery software program (like the one noted below), and a quick recovery. No harm, no foul.

In some cases (particularly with repeat clients), we will even provide this service free of charge. Suffice it to say, a typical file undeletion service is easy to provide, and not an issue for a hard drive recovery company that is used to far more complex recovery jobs.

The High End Example: A $1000 Drenched Hard Drive
Alright, so here's our high-end example. Let's say your house flooded. Let's also say that your important files were saved on a hard drive in a computer, in the basement. Let's also say that the system was powered up when the flood began, and the water shorted out your computer.

This is a tough, and probably expensive data recovery problem. You're going to need a professional for this, and not just a "local computer repair guy". This job will require a hard drive recovery service with a clean room. Like, as an example, Hard Drive Recovery Group.

Take a minute to call our friendly technicians (no voicemail here!) or fill in our quote form here, and once we have a good idea of the problem at hand, we can typically give you a really quick quote.

We ALWAYS give you a written quote before you send us your drive or media. Our customers have found this to be an extremely valuable and time saving, as they know what to expect up front.

One piece of advice we always give to people seeking data recovery is to always request an upfront quote. And remember:

If we don't recover your data, we don't charge.

The Cheapest Avenue: Data Recovery Software

So you may already have thought of this, but are you sure you have an actual physical hard drive failure? If you are just looking for a couple of deleted files, have had some partition corruption or think your hard drive is fully intact and just not working right, software may do the trick.

While we naturally prefer that you call us before you do anything rash (in cases of physical hard drive crashes, software can actually damage the hard disk platter and make recovery much harder), if we have to recommend a data recovery software, it's got to be Stellar Phoenix, no doubt about it.

We RARELY recommend software products (simply because they are frequently the SOURCE of further destruction to a damaged hard drive), but this one is pretty decent, and does a good job with simple partition reconstruction and file recovery.

Free demo version of Restore My Files.

No Data Recovered, No Fee
At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we're confident that we can recover data from whatever drive or media you send us. In fact, 98% of the time, our client's data is fully recovered via either hard drive recovery software or hard disk repair. However, as an additional guarantee, be assured that if we do not recover your data, we will not charge you a fee. It sounds like a simple promise, but many of our competitors still charge unnecessary fees, even when they fail!

Free Evaluations
At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we have virtually eliminated the evaluation process. What this means is that we do not charge you a fee simply to provide you a quote on your hard drive data recovery. Because of our flat-rate pricing environment, it is not a requirement for us to evaluate the state of your equipment before contacting you to provide you with a "guesstimate".

Unlike many of our competitors, we use our data recovery experience to calculate cost averages for material and labor to give you truly up-front pricing. Any minimum charge that may apply to your order is included in your successful recovery.

Looking for a cost range for your data recovery?

Every data recovery situation is different: some require only low cost software to do the job. Meanwhile, some jobs require clean room hard drive repair. As a result, your data recovery could cost anywhere from $49 to $2500.

Sound like a large range? It is. But rest assured that the higher end of that range is reserved for extreme cases.

Start your drive recovery now!

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Our data recovery technicians will find you the most affordable solution, guaranteed.

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