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Data Recovery Services

If you’re like most customers Hard Drive Recovery Group sees, you probably aren’t very happy that you are seeking data recovery services. The unfortunate point of our business is simply that data recovery is typically an emergency service; our customers are typically suffering from computer problems, hard disk failure, catastrophic file system errors, or even system damage that may look unrestorable.

We deal with customers seeking hard drive recovery in situations where their problem may be anywhere from a simple file system error to a complete catastrophe including fire, floods or other natural disaster. Understand that when it comes to data recovery, Hard Drive Recovery Group is very experienced and can provide you with the kind of top-notch data recovery service that has enabled us to boast a 98% data recovery return. Few other hard disk drive recovery service companies can offer a recovered data or free policy. We do.

Types Of Data Recovery Offered

With over 15 years in the business, Hard Drive Recovery Group has literally seen it all. While of course we have seen our fair share of laptop recovery, PC hard drive repair, and data recovery software oriented retrievals, we also specialize in professional level data recovery services.
These may include: RAID data recovery such as exchange data recovery, MS SQL database recovery, Linux web server recovery, Oracle database disaster recovery, among others.

We also understand more complex hard drive configurations, and are specialists in RAID data recovery service. Coming to Hard Drive Recovery Group to recover your files and data ensures you get the best deal on hard drive recovery and that you receive only the services you require; something many competing data recovery service companies cannot always promise.

Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan in place can save you thousands of dollars in the event a disaster occurs. It’s a simple fact – no one ever expects a disaster to occur, but when it does, it can be very expensive.

Part of your disaster recovery plan, also known as a business continuity plan, should include disk data recovery services. Because data is critically important to your business and may include records, accounting, customer service lists, employee details and other critical information, ensuring that your data is recovered should be the first step when considering a disaster recovery plan.

When occurrences like flood or fire interrupt your company’s computers, the results may look tragic, but they are not irreversible. In most cases, Hard Drive Recovery Group offers disaster recovery planning help, and a specialized emergency phone line for our customers who register with us for data recovery. This is a no-charge service, and enables you to create your disaster recovery plan effectively.

The Disaster Data Recovery Process

Hard Drive Recovery Group engineers have access to a class 1000 clean room in order to perform disaster recovery data retrieval for your hard drives. We work with all hard drive manufacturers and operating systems to ensure that your data is recovered quickly, and your disaster minimized. We can recover data from Windows 10, 7, XP, ME, 2000, 95 and 98, Apple Mac OS X and previous, Unix, SGI, Novell, OS/2 and MS-DOS. Our interface experience includes IDE, EIDE, SAN, SATA, ATA (all speeds), SCSI 1-UW2, MFM, SCA, RLL, and EDSI. We also offer RAID data recovery including spanned sets, mirrored set, striped set and RAID 0-10.

Each day, our engineers recover data from hard disk drives which have encountered fire, flood, hardware failures, accidental deletion or formatting, sabotage, file system corruption and other disasters.

Our data recovery methods are completely safe, and use imaging technologies to ensure that your data is captured even before we attempt recovery. Our hard disk drive data recovery engineers apply a number of proven techniques to succeed where other companies have already failed, meaning a large amount of recoveries are actually referred to us by our competitors!

Disaster recovery must include a computer data recovery plan, if only because disk data retrieval is such an important part of business. Because our engineers have been trained by the hard drive manufacturers themselves, we understand how to fix the problems which can occur with every brand. Each HDRG team member has a broad array of experience, which is why we offer a 98% data recovery rate, and DO NOT charge when no data is recovered.

Data Recovery Software Repairs

Despite what many competing hard disk repair companies may say, it is not always necessary to ship your hard drive in order to determine the cause of the file or data loss. In fact, nearly 80% of the data recovery service requests we see simply require an effective data recovery software recovery.
Hard Drive Recovery Group offers specialized data recovery tools which ensure that your data is safe and secure. Many competitors offer other data recovery software products which require you to install an application on your hard drive. We warn strongly against such products, if only because in many cases we have seen these hard drive recovery applications write over important and critical data. The data recovery software offered by Hard Drive Recovery Group is completely safe and can be saved on a floppy disk. That way you are 100% sure that the data you are seeking is not written over.

Hard Drive Repair Incidents

Obviously, not all data recovery situations will be repairable via our data recovery software. Hard drives are very fragile devices which can and often inevitably do break down. If your hard drive is making clicking or buzzing sounds and you have been greeted by is the Windows blue screen of death, you may require more than a simple hard drive recovery software application. In this case, know that Hard Drive Recovery Group offers full clean room facilities which will insure that your data is safe and recovered, often within 48 hours or less.

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!