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Clean Room Data Recovery

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When you are looking for a hard drive recovery shop, always ensure that they have what is called a clean room in which they do their work. Clean rooms are standard for shops which assemble and service hard disk drives, and also have other applications such as laboratories and other areas where a high level of cleanliness is required.

Clean rooms are very precise lab environments which have controlled temperatures and humidity levels to ensure that sensitive technology or lab samples are not damaged by the contaminants that are in regular air. In most clean rooms, the walls and ceilings are made of a plastic or polymer. These rooms are ventilated with continually filtered dust-free air and have external light sources.

When dealing with a clean room lab, high sanitary levels must be maintained daily. Today’s hard disk drive units are very sensitive, and grow more sensitive as the technologies grow faster and smaller. So contaminants in your hard drive can physically destroy it.

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The Clean Room Data Recovery Myth?

It has been called to our attention that one of our competitors, whose company name may or may not feature an “amount of money”, has called clean room data recovery a “myth”. This is unsurprising, only because this so called data recovery company is quite adept at misinformation, having previously claimed that “typical companies charge $1 per GB” for data recovery, (a point we debunk on our pricing page) among other quite frankly ridiculous claims. So is a clean room ALWAYS necessary for data recovery?
Of course not.

But would any data recovery company invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a clean room if it WASN’T important? We’re gonna say probably not. The fact is, controlling the number of dust particles per cubic foot is ABSOLUTELY necessary in recovering hard drives that have mechanically failed, because the hard drives almost always have to be opened. Opening a hard drive in a regular, uncontrolled environment is just simply too dangerous to your data, a fact many folks learn themselves when they discover that DIY attempts have made their data unrecoverable.

Important Clean Room Points

During the building of a clean room for hard disk drive recovery and repair, extreme care must be taken to prevent contaminants from entering the room. Typically, specialized contractors will use what is called a particle enclosure in order to stop contaminants from coming in. This is a critical step, as once contaminants have entered the clean room environment, it is quite difficult to get rid of them.
Federal Standards
For high cleanliness levels required by clean rooms for data recovery services, the Federal Standard STD-209E form is used. The standard classifies airborne particles in generally and their degree of cleanliness. Each particle class has limits to the amount of particles in a clean room, and when those limits are exceeded, measures must be taken to ensure the room can retain its clean room status.

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Additional Details
The clean room used by Hard Drive Recovery Group and its partners is enclosed in a shell with external ventilation to separate the air in the clean room from that within the rest of the building. Data recovery technicians who work in the clean room must wear specialized gloves, masks, head coverings and special non-linting work suits. Our data recovery technicians are also subject to an additional air blast to ensure all potential contaminants have been removed.

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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!