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Fast RAID Server Recovery

It’s every manager’s nightmare. Mission critical data, perhaps accounting, perhaps SQL or Oracle databases, brought down by a multiple RAID hard drive failure. The first inclination of many IT people is to diagnose and fix, which in some cases is OK, but in many cases, can actually worsen the issue.


RAID server recovery is always best performed by a professional, especially because the data contained on most RAID hard disks tends to be crucial to the operation of the organization. But, there are mistakes people make when faced with RAID drive failure, and at Hard Drive Recovery Group, were here to help you avoid them.

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Because we have been dealing with a recession lately, many businesses are beginning to look for new ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, one of these places that they are looking to cut costs is with server repair. Whereas once these companies made the smart decision and took their broken down servers to a accredited data recovery service company, many are now attempting to save cash by taking their failed servers to a computer repair shop. This, of course, is a bad idea.

Disk Utilities

Ah, disk utilities. The fix-all solution so many IT administrators, particularly those with less experience, look to when in a jam. But when a hard disk drive failure occurs that requires physical RAID server recovery, utilities can be a bad choice for Diagnosis and THE WORST choice for recovery and repair.

This is typically because real RAID hard disk failures are typically hardware issues, often the loss of two or more drives because of problems with the drives. Attempting to fix a failed hard drive using software is basically useless, but can actually affect the way your server sees the RAID array. Utilities can corrupt the parity disk itself, meaning that even if you get your hard disks repaired, you may NOT be able to recover the data on the RAID anyway!

Additionally, Utility programs can overwrite data on your hard drive that could be critical to your business. Lets face it, would you trust your entire business to a $100 piece of software? Neither would we.

Lost Data And Time

When you have a failed server or raid array that needs repair, you have to recognize that this is a very tense situation. Not only is the hardware that you are dealing with typically pretty expensive, but the data that it contains can be critical to your business.

Many computer repair shops will claim that they can repair your server or provide you with a specialized service such as RAID 5 data recovery, but in many cases, the truth is another matter.

What these companies will typically try to do is to recover data from hard drive units using some kind of specialized data recovery software. Unfortunately, in most real world hard drive crash situations, data recovery software simply will not work. What’s more, if you would like to recover your data using data recovery software, why not do it yourself? You can certainly save a couple of hundred dollars, and even with the most rudimentary of computer skills, anyone can run a recovery software product.

When dealing with computer repair shops and true hard drive failures, it always ends up very badly for the customer. Typically, these companies will just send you back your server and tell you that there is nothing that can be done.

The reality is, however, that they simply do not have the skill, expertise or equipment to perform the recovery. The result is that your time is wasted, and when you are dealing with a mission-critical application, this is just not acceptable.

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Fix All Software

Funny thing about people looking at an emergency RAID server recovery situation: they tend to panic. After all, if your company’s critical data the data that without which, your business is in dire straits is in jeopardy, you might tend to get a little irrational. Its a human reaction, really.

But what is truly unfortunate is that there are a group of companies out there that prey on this panic. Offering RAID Server Recovery software, these companies charge anywhere from $500-2000USD for the opportunity to download their software.

Trouble is, it comes with no guarantees, and the potential that you’re really just using an extremely expensive utility package, and you are likely digging yourself a VERY expensive hole!

Do you know how it feels to be down $1000 and discover that your RAID server recovery cannot be performed because of what a recovery software did? Neither do we, but it has to be the worst feeling.

Backups Are Never 100%

Backups are critical to any IT plan. Having a dual threat server backup plan is ideal for most businesses. The best approach is to have a daily taped backup as well as a remote back up, or off site backup service.

But even the most comprehensive backup doesn’t guarantee you’ll be ready for a emergency server disaster. This is why it is important for administrators to have a solid server disaster recovery plan, and a contingency plan for physical damage as well.

Remedies For Physical Damage

Sometimes, your servers and hard drives encounter more serious types of damage. Physical damage such as fire, or possibly flooding, or even vandalism can sometimes hit businesses, and these data loss issues that arise from physical disk damage cannot be fixed by simple software.

In these cases, your hard drive needs to be examined in house in a clean room environment by qualified server data recovery technicians, professionals which understand complex solutions such as MS SQL and Oracle data recovery. Once they have assessed the damage, they will communicate with you solutions, and begin the recovery process.

Data loss can be frustrating, and can be a huge setback to your company. Contacting a server disaster recovery software specialist before a disaster happens can mean you will get back on your feet faster than if you need to quickly find a solution during times of crisis.

$299 Too Good To Be True?

In a word, yes. And when you trust your business personal data to a company that claims to be able to recover RAID servers for under $300, youre likely getting what you’re paying for.

Remember, time is money, and we can guarantee you that about 19 out of 20 RAID server recovery situations will require more than just a cheap fix. So that means sending out your server, waiting for the shop to say they cant do anything (and worrying every moment it’s being assessed), and then re-sending it to a Clean Room equipped RAID specialist like Hard Drive Recovery Group to get the job done.

Hmm. Seems like that first step is avoidable.

Call A Professional

Remember that any RAID server recovery shop worth its salt will always consult with you for free, at least to give you a path to action (or inaction, in some cases). Thats a zero cost way to calm down, assess the situation and determine what to do next. Some call it therapy, we call it our job.

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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!