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Seagate Hard Drive Recovery

The Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220Seagate is one of the largest, and often most reliable hard drive manufacturers in the data storage industry. However, occasionally for various reasons you will find that you cannot access the data. Sometimes, this will be due to a fault with the Seagate hard drive technology but, mostly, it will be a different cause.

So if you cannot access the data on your hard drive, what should you do? The easy answer would be get a new hard drive and restore your up-to-date backups. Of course, most people do not keep updated backups. If you don’t have a backup, you need to consider whether your data is valuable enough (either commercially or sentimentally) to have that data recovered by a professional shop like Hard Drive Recovery Group.

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Possible Reasons Why Data On Your Seagate Drive is Inaccessible Drop

With a PC it is usually in one position and there is stays. Occasionally it is moved but this is a rarity. Laptops are now much more popular as they can easily be moved from place to place. Obviously this increases the possibility of being dropped and the resultant damage making the data inaccessible.

Flood or Fire

A disastrous event, such as flood or fire can make it appear as if all the data on your Seagate drive is lost. Depending on the degree of damage this will not necessarily be the case. It may be possible to recover at least some if not all of the data stored on the drive. The data recovery process though would require a high level of expertise on the part of the data recovery company you select.

Clicking or Other Unusual Noises on the Hard Drive

Noises can be sign that the hard drive is failing or if you have problems accessing your computer that the hard drive is either failing or has failed mechanically. Hard drive clicking is never good for your data. Although this is a rare event for Seagate hard drives it can happen.

Accidental Deletion of System Files

This shouldn’t but can and does happen. A system file is deleted by mistake and the computer won’t operate. If you just re-install the operating system the will result in all data being lost from the Seagate hard drive.

Malicious Software

Although we are warned repeatedly, and we update out anti-virus program regularly, malicious software can through various means get onto our computer and damage or wipe our data.

What To Do If You Lose Your Data on Your Seagate Hard Drive

The first thing is to be aware that the best data recovery companies, like Hard Drive Recovery Group have an over 98{10f679ccfc4ef976c0e5c89edd08528f0de2cd4111b5bcfc65b87c60e8e0170c} success rate in recovering data that is thought to be lost. So even if you can no longer access your data it doesn’t not mean it is lost forever – far from it.

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Should a critical system file be deleted by accident and you are incapable of accessing your data, the first thought is to reinstall the operating system. Although this will indeed get your computer operating again all the data that was on your Seagate hard drive may be wiped in the process.

Natural Disasters!

Should your computer be unfortunate to be in a fire or flood there is little that anyone, apart from the most highly skilled data recovery experts, can do to recover the data on your Seagate hard drive. But, even though it may look as if all is lost, using the best data recovery companies it may be possible that significant amounts of your data may be able to be recovered.

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Malware And Attacks
Attacks on our computers by viruses and Trojans are an unfortunate reality today. The anti-virus programs that we use, as long as they are updated frequently, will often spot these attacks and neutralize them.

In the constant battle between increasingly sophisticated criminals and the anti-virus companies, occasionally a virus gets through. Many of these are attempts to steal data but sometimes they are just intended to hijack our computers and hold them to ransom or wipe data.

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Mechanical problems are a different matter. Seagate hard drives are very reliable and it is rare for a drive to fail. But, dropping the computer or external drive can result in mechanical failures. Mechanical failure warning signs are usually highlighted by clicking or unusual noises coming from the drive.

It is often suggested by some that replacing the PCB in the drive will fix many of the problems. A hard drive manufactured in the past 10 years is not able to be repaired in this way. Hard drives now have microchips in them that are specifically calibrated to that particular drive. If you have data on the drive that you consider valuable – either commercially or personally, is to use the services of a competent data recovery company and allow them to recover the maximum amount of data possible for you.

Data Recovery Companies

For most hard drive failure victims, the immediate thought is to find the first company who say they can do the work and use them. This is where patience can save you serious money. Simply dealing with the first shop you find may not always prove to be the best option. The fact that you have considered having the data on your Seagate hard drive recovered means that it has value to you.

Taking some time before you commit to the first company you come across may mean that you have more data recovered and in a shorter time frame. Ask a few questions about the company.

For example:

• Do they do the work in house or do they use external contractors to do the work?
• Do major hardware companies, such as Seagate and other instantly recognizable names, have partnership agreements with that company?
• Do they have a proven track record in data recovery?
• What are their facilities like, do they have cleanrooms in which to work?
• What happens and do they charge if they cannot recover your data?
• What is their turnaround time for repairing your Seagate hard drive?

There are, of course, more questions that you may think of but if the company you are considering cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, look elsewhere.

Professional Help Is Here
Hard Drive Recovery Group hard drive and RAID specialists offer both hardware expertise and in-depth software knowledge to every job, and we have been working with Seagate hard disk drives since the 1990s. Our clients have experienced some of the highest data recovery rates in the industry, and continue to return to us.

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!