About Hard Drive Recovery Group

Hard Drive Recovery Group understands the importance of your data. We have provided data recovery services for over 15 years, and have recovered thousands of gigabytes of data.

Our clients come to us with intentional deletions, fire and flood data loss, and many other accidental losses that the client thought would be unrecoverable – only to prove that data, in the hands of data recovery experts like HDRG, is never “unrecoverable”. This is one of the many reasons why HDRG has a 99% customer retention rate and receives over 80% of our customer referrals from current clients.

Another point to remember: we recognize that not every hard drive data recovery project requires our hands-on approach. Because of this, we provide easy to use software which enables you to recover data from logical hard drive crashes or data deletion.

Of course, when it comes to data recovery, we always recommend that you call first. One mistake while attempting to recover data by yourself can lead to permanent data loss. To contact us, click here.

Some of our data recovery customers include such well known companies as:

  • Boeing
  • Harvard University
  • Lockheed Martin
  • UPS
  • Several US State and Federal Government Departments
  • USC
  • Nortel Networks
  • Disney
  • Bank Of America
  • Deloitte and Touche
  • Several US Federal Government Departments
  • All Branches Of The United States Military
  • And many, many others…

If you need assistance with your data recovery, please fill out and submit this form. Read here why we recommend you do not attempt to recover data by yourself.

Data Recovery Experts

Hard Drive Recovery Group’s mission is to provide safe data recovery while offering peerless customer service and competitive flat rate pricing. We began as a concern over 25 years ago, starting as a simple computer consultant, quickly sharpening our focus as an anti-virus and data recovery expert in the field.
We have provided these services to over 100,000 companies and individuals throughout the world since then, and attract a larger customer base each year, primarily through word of mouth.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is a recognized Clean Room Data Recovery Expert providing worldwide services from our Irvine, California lab. We have made it a goal to constantly adapt to changing data technologies since establishing, and ensure our technicians are constantly trained.

As a recognized Data Recovery Expert, we understand that providing data security and superb service is a key to our success, and contributes greatly to our customer loyalty, which is among the best in the data recovery industry.

Hard Drive Recovery Group has received several industry awards, and is rated by industry publications as a data recovery expert par excellence. We maintain this reputation by working with companies not only focused on the IT industry, but also retailers, industrial manufacturers and many other small and large concerns.

We continually partner with American and international companies in order to bring our data recovery expertise to worldwide customers. We also offer not only hard disk drive recovery services, but also data recovery software which recovers files and data when data is lost due to a non-mechanical issue.

Why Choose Hard Drive Recovery Group?

Flat Rate Pricing
We quote you a price before you send us your media, so you can be sure what your costs will be before you hire us.

Data Recovery Experience
Our experience with data recovery is so well-respected that some of our competitors have become clients.

Safe, Secure Data Recovery
By cloning your media first, and recovering your data sector-by-sector, we ensure your data is completely safe.

Fast Service
Our expedited service gives you round-the-clock support and rapid delivery of your recovered data.

Live Support Staff
Call us, and speak live to a data recovery specialist without wading through a frustrating voicemail menu.

Class 100 Clean Rooms
Anti-static and anti-dust rooms and regulated clean rooms are critical to safe data recovery.

Recognized Worldwide
Whether it’s Intel, Dell, HP or IBM, the IT industry recognizes and recommends HDRG.

Our Company’s Evolution

We formed as a concern in early 1993, first cutting our teeth in the computer services game as network and PC installers. Our development team developed one of the first data recovery software products available on the market, which soon became a popular file recovery software product among IT professionals and individuals because of its low cost and ease of use.

By 1995, we began to recognize that the need for data recovery experts was growing as the installed base of PCs grew. Both automated data recovery software and certified hard drive recovery and repair became more and more important to our customers, who often found themselves facing catastrophic data loss when their hard drives failed due to mechanical problems.

As we grew as a company, Hard Drive Recovery Group engineers developed other data recovery software products which can recover data after a hard disk crash and offer near 100% data recovery. Beginning in 1998, coinciding with the advent of the Internet, we began to build our installed base of users, which now numbers near 500,000. Our products soon expanded to data wiping, boot sector repair and our latest product, digital camera recovery software.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers Expert Data Recovery Services. Our data recovery expertise ranges from simple hard drives and hard disks to SANs, backup tapes, CD and DVD-ROM, Zip Drive and portable media such as SmartMedia and Compact Flash Cards.

We currently offer data recovery expert services for most operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, 7, 10, NT and 95, 98 and ME. We also specialize in Mac data recovery, MS-DOS, Linux, Unix, AIX, Novell NetWare, and Oracle databases.

Hard Drive Recovery Virus Data Recovery

HDRG’s data recovery center is well equipped for handling virus-based data losses. We provide not only file recovery software for such occurrences, but also resell anti-virus software. Currently, our data recovery client base features companies and individuals on every continent, and over 110 countries worldwide. If you are seeking data recovery expertise, contact us here, or via the toll free number above.

Hours Of Operation and Contact Information

Hard Drive Recovery Group operates chiefly from 6:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M Pacific Standard Time during the business week.

However, our data recovery technicians are on call 24 hours per day, and we typically handle and return calls 7 days per week. We do this to ensure our customers are served to the best of our ability, and that updates can be given immediately on all jobs. This is just one of the many Hard Drive Recovery Group differences that work for you.

Free Local Business Pickup

If you need data recovery and you’re in Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Newport Beach or other Orange County locations, we now offer FREE business hard drive pickup. For RAID issues in Los Angeles, we also provide free data recovery pickup. Please contact us at the above toll free number to arrange a pickup.

Meanwhile, no matter you are located in the country, we can easily ship and deliver your storage device in as little as 24 hours. Please call us for shipping details.

Technical Capabilities

Our facilities host a class 100 clean room to facilitate hard drive recovery and other data recovery service options such as RAID, RAID5, RAID10, and other forms of data recovery. All work is completed at our own facility by our staff of repair technicians, one of whom will be assigned to work with you personally every step of the way through the process.

Contact us for a flat rate quote today.

We thank you for visiting our website, and encourage you to read more about our company and the service we provide. As well, don’t forget to check out our emergency tips on RAID recovery, which can be critical to follow when data loss becomes a panic situation.