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Partition Recovery

The Case Study Conclusion

Although it may sound repetitive, we at Hard Drive Recovery Group stress how important it is to not continue attempting to recover files or data by yourself if you are not extremely competent with operating systems.

In this case, that operating system is Windows XP. If we mentioned MSconfig or Regedit, for example, and you become confused, definitely do not perceive. Contact a professional data recovery technician immediately. With this point stressed and re-stressed, we can continue with the file recovery.

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Covering a lost file or partition on your hard drive, whether you’re using the NTFS or FAT file system, is certainly not a task for those less qualified. This is why we state over and over again that contacting the Hard Drive Recovery Group is completely free, and will ensure that you will not encounter any difficulties when recovering your data.

Back to our case study: the missing partition In the case about our client, the Windows XP boot partition was missing from his hard drive. Our data recovery technician quickly realized and diagnosed it as a master file table for partition table issue and immediately prescribed our partition recovery software.

Our boot partition repair software is an important to partition recovery tool that is one of the safest on the market for your data. While many of its features are built on the Web in cheaper data recovery applications, we have not yet seen a partition recovery software with such a variety of powerful data recovery tools.

Using the tool, the client saved the program onto a floppy disk. This was critical to the partition recovery operation because of the fact that he wanted to ensure nothing was overridden onto the disk. The bonus here was that he had an additional drive with Windows XP installed.

But, the boot partition repair system works in DOS, so I would’ve worked either way. Once we have assessed that he did not need hard drive repair, and that there were no physical problems that caused the hard disk failure, we continued.

Using boot partition repair, our client was able to quickly examine the drive that was unreadable by Windows. The software then repaired at the master boot record and partition tables to ensure that his hard disk drive could be started. While many of our competitors take panic situations such as that of our client and use them to their advantage, we have never done this, as at Hard Drive Recovery Group, our reputation is critical to our business going forward.

While some data recovery companies see no problem risking losing goodwill for the sake of a little bit of money, those data recovery company‘s do not have a client base like ours, which includes: UPS, the federal government, several branches of the Armed Forces, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, among other prestigious fortune 500 companies.

So, we moved quickly and easily recovered the client’s partition to his satisfaction. If it was the case where he simply had deleted some files, meanwhile, we would have simply prescribed file undeletion software, which is our file recovery software product of choice.

All of the data recovery software products used by Hard Drive Recovery Group customers are completely safe, and are only prescribed in situations when they can be used. In cases where you have a physically damaged hard drive, it is critical that the drive be shipped to our clean room enabled hard drive repair facility. There is simply no other way to properly recover data in mechanical failure situations, then by performing this action.

Not sure what the cause of your data loss is?

If you’re unsure as to exactly why your files or partitions have disappeared, we recommend you contact us first. Calling us is always free, and health put you on path towards recovering your files or partitions immediately.

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When important files or hard drives are showing data loss, and it’s the result of a hard drive crash or severe partition damage, partition recovery may be your best bet when it comes to computer data recovery. In many cases, data is not actually lost. Partition tables can be damaged inadvertedly through everyday computer use, and can become an error that looks a lot worse than it is. The number one piece of advice for those suffering from partition damage – don’t panic.

There are many partition recovery products out there, offering laptop to SQL database recovery solutions, but it does not have to be difficult to choose the right one. The key to choosing a professional shop is finding out what questions they are prepared to ask you about your hard drive and data loss situation. Usually, the fewer questions, the more likely they are trying to get you to immediately submit your hard disk drive for data recovery.

This is why we at Hard Drive Recovery Group continually warn our customers of companies that try to “close quickly” – giving their prices and recommending you you ship your hard drive to them right away before they properly diagnose your data recovery problem. Understand that the experts at Hard Drive Recovery Group are trained to ask the right questions to determine how to proceed with your partition recovery.

There are two major kinds of data loss, particularly when it comes to the partition recovery issue. The best case for hard drive crash, whether you’re talking a file recovery or entire hard drive recovery, is a problem which can be remedied through data recovery software. If you have accidentally deleted a file, file undeletion software or Fast File Restore can enable you to search for the lost file, and recover it within a matter of minutes, from the comfort of your home or office. At the same time, if your computer is encountering difficulties upon startup, it could be due to partition problems or misconfiguration of partition tables. Our partition recovery program ensures your computer will be back in working order in an hour or less.

Safe Partition Recovery

It is important to never use a data recovery program that requires installation on your hard drive. Installing software after data loss can overwrite files, and make them unrecoverable. Our software of choice works directly from a floppy disk, which ensures that your hard drive stays as it was when the partition table problem began.. Because of this point, using our partition recovery software maximizes your chances of recovery.

Physical Damage To Your Hard Drive Partition

Sometimes physical hard drive failure can cause data or partition loss, and can prohibit your computer from starting up. If this is the case, software will be of no use. Situations such as these require the expertise of partition recovery experts. The specialists at HDRG should be the first people you call to avoid further damage to your system. After your free media evaluation, our experts will be better equipped to give you a clear and concise opinion on what it will take to repair and recover your lost or damaged hard drive or partitions.

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