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Linux Data Recovery Measures

(NOTE: The following article deals with hard drive failure prevention. If you feel that you have already experienced a hard drive failure issue, please contact us here, or at the toll free number above.)

How to navigate data errors in the Linux operating system

Despite its massive popularity and millions of users, the Linux operating system has a large potential for data loss, making knowledge of Linux data recovery an essential skill for its users.

Linux is popular and widely-used because of its open source code, which means that its underlying source codes can be modified and redistributed in both commercial and non-commercial applications. This modification and redistribution can be done by any individual under the system’s GNU General Public License. Though Linux is often seen in a format known as “Linux distribution” for general server and desktop use, it is also known under other popular distributions including Ubuntu, Centos, openSUSE and Fedora. These distributions include the Linux central component, known as a “kernel,” and also contain Linux’s supporting libraries and utilities.

Even though Linux is a highly-regarded operating system, many errors within its script can occur and sometimes Linux data recovery is necessary. Though the ideal fix for any lost data would be to have a back up already completed, this is often not the reality. In order to recover lost data, Linux data recovery software will be needed.

The first step is to recognize some more common examples of data loss. Typical Linux data errors include the following file system and grub errors:
* Define ESRCH 3. No such process.
* Error – Mount wrong fs type. Bad option. Bad super block on /dev/hdb2.
* Error – Operation not supported on transport endpoint.
* Grub Error 17 – Cannot mount selected partition.
* Grub Error 12 – Invalid device requested.

These are just a few examples of hundreds of error messages that you could encounter when dealing with a loss of or corruption within your Linux data. If you are a technologically-savvy individual, you may be able to navigate these errors and use some trouble-shooting techniques in safe mode.

The first step in Linux data recovery is to run the “fsck” command, which can aide in finding and fixing a Linux data corruption. This must be run in “single user” mode. After running “fsck” command, you will need to unmount your system’s partition, if it is not already part of the root file system. If this unmounting step is skipped, then you may lose your data.

After this is completed, check on the root file system, booting in single user mode, and again run “fsck” with a “-b” option. This will allow your system to run in a read-only mode. The above steps are only viable if the corruption is not severe and may not work when a major Linux data recovery is needed. Manual recovery also poses a risk for further corruption and can be risky.

Fortunately, tech novices and those facing major Linux data recovery issues can use Linux recovery software, which is both relatively safe and easy to use.

Though Linux is an excellent operating system, there is always the potential for major data loss within the system. When this happens, it is good to have back up in place and the ability to perform basic Linux data recovery.

As the preferred professional hard drive recovery service among both Fortune 500 companies and governmental organizations across the United States, Hard Drive Recovery Group is pleased to offer Linux recovery. While many of our business clients require our specialized server data recovery services such as MS exchange data recovery, SQL server recovery and RAID data recovery, is our Linux web server data recovery services have become popular as the operating system grows in use. Certainly, with its much more inexpensive server software imprint, it is the choice of many organizations to not only complement, but replace MS IIS server.

Recovering your Linux server

Linux is known throughout the technology industry as the true techies operating system. Its open source coding and robust architecture ensures that it cannot be taken down by viruses and other worms which may affect the competing Microsoft Windows server.

But even the Linux operating system is subject to situations where files and partitions may be lost and may require data recovery. The Linux data recovery technicians at Hard Drive Recovery Group have several years of Linux and UNIX data recovery expertise, and have seen it all when it comes to file and data loss. Getting started on your Linux recovery is as simple as giving us a phone call at the toll-free number above.

When Hard Drive Damage Is The Problem

Because of its wide range of built-in tools and extremely robust file system architecture, the Linux operating system is highly recoverable when compared to other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows server 2000, Sun Microsystems Solaris, and IBM’s OS/2. What it does share with all of these operating systems is the simple fact that data recovery must be performed in the same way when you encounter damaged hard drives or hard disk failure. Despite the amazing stability of the Linux kernel, it still cannot recover from true mechanical hard drive failure.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers complete Linux hard drive recovery and repair services in cases of hard disk failure. Our professional Linux hard drive recovery technicians have access to a class 1000 clean room, which ensures that your data is professionally handled and hard drive platters keep their data structures intact.

It is important to note that because the Linux operating system is known as a do-it-yourself operating system, many users attempt to repair their hard drives by themselves. It is important for us to stress that hard disk drive parts are extremely fragile, and must only be handled under professional supervision.

To attempt to repair your Linux hard drive on your own is to risk losing all of your partition data, which may include important files and mail. Remember, we are only a phone call away. Contacting us is free, and is guaranteed to save you money you would have otherwise spent and time you would have wasted attempting to try Linux harddrive recovery on your own.


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We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!