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Emergency Data Recovery Tips

As a data recovery service provider, we’re quite aware that to a lot of clients EVERY data loss problem is an emergency. Each year, hundreds of businesses find themselves at this data crossroads, whether because of physical damage, hard drive crash or a simple file system corruption.

Many of these businesses lose their data, but a good majority recover it, either with the help of a professional data recovery expert, or with emergency data recovery software. For most folks, data recovery is a process few are familiar with, and contacting data recovery experts is ALWAYS the best bet to ensure you get your data back quickly. The following tips will help ensure your “hard disk emergency” concludes with a happy ending.

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What Is Emergency Data Recovery?

Emergency data recovery is a usually expedited data recovery service that recovers your data from a system which is not working properly. The need for this kind of data recovery can be caused by physical damage to the system, by accidental deletion of files or simply by system failure. Each situation has one thing in common – a need to recover data or suffer economic harm.

In the event of files being deleted or damaged, there are many reasons why you may need to take additional measures in addition to emergency data recovery to successfully recover your data. The deletion or corruption of files may also mean that backups are no longer effective and you need to consider restoring your entire system. Emergency services like HDRG’s can also help restore your corrupted backups in certain cases.

Looking for the right data recovery service solution to your hard drive or critical data loss problems can be time-consuming and frustrating. There are numerous companies claiming to offer guaranteed emergency data recovery services, but you should be careful in choosing the right solution for you. First, you should know that some data cannot be recovered. Any technician that guarantees all data will be recovered is not being honest with you.

Our engineers are here to help you with any of your data recovery needs, including:

  • Physical hard disk drive and RAID array failures
  • File corruption, accidental deletions and overwrites and bad drive sectors
  • RAID parity loss
  • PC or Mac virus infection
  • Recovery cases featuring loss caused by software applications and operating system issues
  • Fire, water and other natural disaster-based damage
  • Damaged email archives and enterprise level databases

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The Good News In Emergency Situations

The good news is that a lot of data claimed to be lost or damaged can be recovered by professional data recovery services, and without too much difficulty. Some emergency data recovery attempts are simple because the data was inadvertently deleted, but is not gone from the hard drive. Other, more complex drive recovery problems require more time and effort (as well as a clean room), but our trained technicians have been able to recover lost data where other emergency data recovery services have failed.

For emergency data recovery cases, we can offer you some useful information on how to proceed. First, you should determine, to the best of your ability, the type of problem you are encountering. In cases where you notice strange sounds emanating from your hard drive, you should immediately turn off your computer and contact a data recovery technician.

Grinding and other similar noises may characterize a head failure problem which can destroy your data permanently if not dealt with quickly. Because we are data recovery experts and because we understand the importance of restoring your data and system as soon as possible in order to get you back up and running, we can provide around the clock, 24 hour-turnaround emergency data recovery service, the fastest in the industry.

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Is your critical data issue the result of physical hard disk damage?

Typical symptoms with this type of recovery case include clicking or buzzing sounds emanating from your hard drive (or computer box). Also, you may encounter what is commonly known to PC users as the “blue screen of death”. This blue screen may occur at odd times, and without warning, even when your hard drive is making no peculiar noises. Data recovery services may not always be necessary in these recovery cases, but when it is, it’s fairly obvious.

With physical drive damage, you may also find that your drive is “not found” when you attempt to reboot your computer. This may also be accompanied by inactivity (no flickering) by your computer’s drive light. We have restored thousands of drives like this during our 30+ years of experience, and once we receive your device, we will communicate with you every step of the way.

While this may also be a faulty boot or partition record, in most cases it is physical damage. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact us here.

Disaster Damage And Recovery

Other physical damage is more obvious. In cases of flood, or natural disaster, where your drive has been exposed to the elements, recovering your data will almost always require emergency professional data recovery. If you are in this category, please contact us for a data recovery consultation right away. We can often have your data for you on a new drive within 2-6 days or less, depending on where you are located. We can also upload your data to a private cloud storage drive for easy downloading.

Is your data loss the result of file system corruption, damage or accidental deletion?

When you “lose” files, whether through accidental deletion or boot or partition sector corruption, your files can often be returned quite quickly, with specialized software provided by us. In most recovery cases like this, actual physical data recovery lab time is rarely required. This is the type of data recovery that is tailor made for a software solution, but it is important to remember that not just any product will do. In fact, most consumer-level data recovery software can actually damage your file system further, and make your data recovery virtually impossible to perform, even by a professional shop. Again, we can gladly recommend a solution for you that is safe, and matches your data recovery needs to a tee.

Typical symptoms of file corruption or loss can be simply a “disappearing file” or an accidentally emptied “recycle bin”. It is likely that your computer still boots (except in cases where your boot record had been compromised), and there are no noises coming from your drive.

In cases like this, your file or data is likely still recoverable. The best thing to do is call a professional before you do anything else. We offer data recovery software which does not save anything to your drive, which is critical in this situation.

Remember: Avoid any data recovery software that requires you to save it to the drive from which you have lost data. Saving anything on to your drive could eliminate the possibility of recovering your lost data!!

3 C’s of Protecting your Critical Systems from a Disaster

Recovering from disasters is a huge concern for many companies these days. The 3 C’s of protecting your critical systems from a disaster that would require emergency data recovery are:

1. Continuity – The need to ensure that the company will still be operational after an emergency has occurred

2. Contingency – The need to have plans in place in case something happens to members of the management team who control and make decisions about the company like, what would happen if they were unable to continue their work?

3. Crisis Communication – The need to make sure we know what we want our company image and reputation to be in order for us to communicate effectively with our stakeholders and clients

A Final Emergency Data Recovery Note

It is important that when you have lost data, you do not do anything rash. We are available around the clock, 365 days per year, if you need data recovery advice or emergency service of almost any kind. Your actions (including rebooting several times, using unapproved “utility software” or saving new files to your drive) greatly affect your data’s recover-ability. Be assured that there are data recovery professionals out there who are qualified to recover your data. Always ensure your are dealing with a professional emergency data recovery technician.

We appreciate you trusting us as a potential data recovery service, and hope that we can put our 100+ years of collective data recovery experience to work for you. Give us a call today, and discover what Hard Drive Recovery Group can do for you!

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Ask a question, request a quote or check recovery status. Call us.

We are ready to help you recover your data 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!