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Dell PowerEdge Data Recovery

Dell PowerEdge RAID servers are an extremely popular data storage and networking solution in the small to mid size enterprise range. Because of the highly configurable nature of Dell systems in general, the Dell PowerEdge line of RAID servers come in a variety of RAID setups. But the most popular configuration remains the RAID 5 configuration, with its default RAID stripe of 64kb.

Experience Counts
Hard Drive Recovery Group engineers have several years of experience with the Perc Controller family used by Dell PowerEdge servers. We keep a daily-updated firmware library for the Perc system, as our Dell PowerEdge RAID recovery services are probably the most popular of all our RAID services.

Experience counts in the hard drive recovery business, and nowhere is that more true than with RAID repair. Our proprietary software and technical expertise enables us to recover your Dell PowerEdge RAID system from almost any catastrophic crash. We have recovered servers of all sizes and configurations, and can tell you that as unique and unusual as your crash may seem, we’ve probably worked through one just like it before.

Dell PowerEdge RAID servers are particularly susceptible to the following issues:

  • Drive Drops - These systems have been known to drop two or more drives from the array container.
  • Single Hard Drive Failure - While losing one drive will typically not kill a RAID 5 configuration, it can result in degraded performance, and can lead to a compromised system.
  • Reconstruction Failures - Often, attempting to rebuild a drive once a RAID system has been operating with a failed hard drive for some time can be catastrophic and is not recommended.

Professional Help Is Here
Hard Drive Recovery Group RAID specialists offer both hardware expertise and in-depth software knowledge to every RAID job, which ensures an almost 99% success rate. Our clients have experienced some of the highest data recovery rates in the industry, and continue to return to us.

If your Dell PowerEdge RAID server has crashed, consider a professional opinion first. Contact us here, or at the toll-free number above.

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