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Computer Data Recovery

Recovering data from your computer has been focus of Hard Drive Recovery Group for years. Each data loss situation is different, however, and computer data recovery is rarely the same for each system. One can, however, typically divide the data recovery process into two specific categories.

Computer Data Recovery from File Damage or Loss

Most data loss issues occur because of either file system corruption, partition problems, accidental (or purposeful) file deletion or simple human error. These things happen on a day to day basis, which is why having data recovery software available on your system at all times can ensure that you never suffer a permanent data loss. Cases like this often make it possible for the user to recover his/her own data, but extreme caution must be used, and rarely should people without a strong understanding of file systems attempt it alone.

The fact is, when a file is lost, it is often not permanently gone; this is the case with both Windows and Mac data recovery. An important note to remember, however, is that some computer data recovery software packages can actually permanently delete your data. Always ensure that any computer data recovery software you load uses a "non damaging" process, which means it should have a small disk imprint, and should NOT install to your computer's hard disk drive.

Instead, it should be possible to run it directly from your floppy drive. Sound odd to you? It shouldn't. The fact is, when you have lost a file, you should never install software on your drive (especially if it is unproven free data recovery software), as it is completely possible that your computer data recovery program will overwrite your file permanently. If, for example, you installed a computer data recovery software package to your hard disk on the exact hard disk sector where your data was, it would be lost, plain and simple.

Physical Data Loss Due To Hard Disk Failure

Unfortunately, attempting to perform computer data recovery when your hard disk drive has physically failed is all but impossible for anyone but a professional. Hard Drive Recovery Group is just one such company, and we have been specializing in physical hard drive repair and data recovery for well over 10 years.

Spotting A Necessary Hard Disk Repair

There are a few characteristics which can point of physical hard disk drive failure. One is the inability of your BIOS to detect your hard drive. If your BIOS cannot see the drive, it will typically report a "drive not found"-type of message during your computer startup sequence, and if the drive holds your operating system it will not boot.

Another example may be when your S.M.A.R.T. system engages and warns you that you have a damaged hard drive. Not all computers have their S.M.A.R.T. system engaged, however, so this is not an absolute sign.

If your drive is clicking, or making a buzzing noise, software-based computer data recovery is typically not possible. The sounds you are hearing in this event are usually the sounds of your drive's heads. We would warn you avoid running a computer with a clicking hard drive for long, as it can actually damaged the hard disk platter beyond repair, and erase your drive for good!

An Important Point

If your computer or laptop holds important data that is critical to your business, ensure you consult with a computer data recovery expert immediately! Attempting to repair your hard drive by yourself can lead to catastrophic data loss which no shop can recover. The fact is, Hard Drive Recovery Group recovers over 98% of hard drives it receives. The other 2% of hard drives cannot be recovered because of user-inflicted damage.

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