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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a more focused and complex version of our evidence data recovery service. Hard Drive Recovery Group's computer forensics experience has helped recover evidence in hundreds of investigations for lawyers, companies and individuals worldwide.

Once we have consulted with you as to the data which must be collected, analyzed and processed, we move forward quickly, ensuring your deadline is met. Our engineers have years of experience with evidence recovery projects, and thus understand the most likely locations for computer usage records, as well as data tampering.

Preserving Your Data - A Key Benefit
Data recovered from your media is critical because it is often used in court as evidence. Because of this, it is important that a chain-of-custody procedure is followed during the collection and handling of the media. Our process ensures the security and authenticity of the data, while preserving this chain of custody. Our services are well recognized, to the point that many of our engineers are often called as expert witnesses.

Complete, Expert Forensic Analysis
When your computer or media has been sabotaged, altered, damaged or tampered with in any way, you need to be assured how this was done, and if that data can be recovered. Hard Drive Recovery group uses tools which investigate this hidden information on your drive, and often enable you to retrieve any deleted or damaged data and provide a map of what was previously on the drive. We use your criteria to guide our search, and have developed a reputation for precision work.

Returning Your Data To You
When our forensic analysis of your media and/or data is complete, we return your data to you, often in its complete, pre-tampered state. We will typically ship the data to you either on a new hard drive, or on a CD-R or tape format, certainly depending on your preference. As well, we can certainly generate hard copy or import your recovered data to a database off-site.

Are you interested in getting the Computer Forensics process started? Contact us here.

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