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Transferring Your Files And Hard Drive Safely

If you do not have the proper system set up to properly copy your hard disk drive, your natural inclination may be to reinstall Windows. This takes a lot of time, and can actually end up being a large hassle as many programs may need to be reinstalled. To avoid this, you may be able to instead use a partition recovery software tool which works either and DOS or another operating system in order to recover your files or data.

DOS is always the simplest way to take a look at your operating system or data. Windows XP actually has cut down your ability to use DOS, as it does not specifically allow you to create a startup disk. But you can search for a Windows startup disk on the Web in order to access DOS.

Understand also that if your computer contains only one hard drive and that disk contains your operating system, your ability to perform data recovery by yourself becomes very difficult. This is why knowing whether or not your hard drive failure is hardware related is critical to the entire data recovery process.

The fact is, if you have lost data, most data recovery software programs will require you to save your recovered data somewhere. And if you have a damaged hard drive, you will not be able to save your data.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers special small footprint data recovery software which can typically be run off of a floppy disk. This is very critical, as you do not need to save our hard drive recovery software to your hard disk, and potentially your data at risk.

If you have had the opportunity to install your hard drive over to another PC, or have been able to install a new operating system enable hard drive on your current PC, you are in an excellent spot as far as data recovery goes. Using Windows Explorer to recover your files is often the easiest way to recover files, although it does not work in scenarios where you’re partition has been damaged. When you’re partition files have been damaged, Windows XP simply cannot see any of the data on your drive.

An additional advantage to being able to copy over your hard drive is the fact that you always have a copy of your data in case of problems. At Hard Drive Recovery Group, at least 30% of our hard drive recovery jobs involve situations where our customers attempted to you perform data recovery by themselves and then lost the data altogether.

Keeping Away From Dangerous Data Recovery Software

When we use the word danger in the above subheading, we are not overstating the point. Other big problem for many customers seeking hard drive data recovery is that many are tempted to use the first data recovery software program they find. Many of these programs are substandard, and this is one of the few arenas where truly getting what you pay for is critical.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers a full line of programs which are completely safe. We encourage you to contact us for your data recovery software needs and avoid the problems that can be caused by dubious file recovery software. Click here to contact us about your data recovery situation.

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