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Data Recovery Company Tips

What many PC users do not expect when seeking hard disk repair or data recovery services is a wide range of options open to them. Emergency data recovery is a service which most of our customers don't actually search for until their situation is dire. Losing that hard drive, partition, or experiencing a file system corruption, can make for desperate times, especially because today's hard drives store much of our personal and business data: wiping out that data can mean a serious problem.

Additionally, because hard drives have grown in size, they now contain more important data than ever. These large hard drives run hotter than ever, as they fit more and more data onto smaller and smaller hard drive platters. This generates heat, which often results in massive hard drive failure.

As a result, one search for data recovery company on the Internet will pull up thousands of competitors. Ensuring you find the right one is the key to this article.

Our Bias, And This Article's Intent

Although Hard Drive Recovery Group has broad experience as the data recovery company of choice to clients such as Volvo, Pepsi, and all branches of the United States Armed Forces, we will try to make this article as unbiased as possible. Many of these points stated within come from data recovery clients who have experienced problems with some of our competitors.

So taking note of these points when choosing a data recovery company will definitely save you time, and likely a lot of hassle and money.

Is Every Hard Drive Repair Shop Good For Business?

The answer to that question, in a word: no. Within the past five years, the number of data recovery companies has multiplied exponentially. While on one hand this has been better for users in need of emergency data recovery, as it has lowered the hard drive recovery price levels from when this was a extremely niche category, it has also resulted in the eight wide variety of small and untested providers.

And because searching for data recovery company usually comes only once your hard drive repair situation is urgent, many people look to the Web for help. This makes seeking data recovery services extremely easy, but also enables some of our newer competitors to gain similar marketing prestige. This is particularly the case in ads for data recovery companies, as many of these untested providers simply pay to play, despite their inexperience.

The Website Says A Lot

A poorly designed data recovery company web site is a superior clue when you are dealing with an amateur data recovery service company. Many of these purported hard drive repair shops have very limited web sites, with very little content and poor design.

The fact is, if your data recovery company has a web site designed with FrontPage, and the design does not look professional, you can likely rely on the data recovery service to be non-professional is well.

Look At The Client List

If the data recovery company that you come across does not have any testimonials, or at least the client list, be wary. Prestigious high-level companies as a rule of thumb trust only prestigious high-level data recovery companies. It's a simple fact, when your reputation is on the line, you choose only those with similarly superior reputations. See our client list here.

The Hook, And The Problems

Many smaller data recovery companies do not offer both data recovery software and hard drive recovery services. In fact, because hard drive recovery services are typically more expensive, they will demand that you send in your hard drive into them often with very few questions.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, our data recovery technicians are trained to discover the root of your data loss problem on the phone before we request that you send your hard drive in. In about 75% of cases, data recovery can be provided by a simple hard drive recovery application. Knowing this can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

Assessments Must Be Free

One thing to understand about the data recovery industry is that you should always get a quote in writing for before you send out a hard drive. As well, look for a data recovery company that offers some form of guarantee if data cannot be returned. Hard Drive Recovery Group, as an example, offers a "data recovered or it's free" guarantee. Can your data recovery company match this? If not, you could have problems.

We have encountered a number of situations where competitors have held their customer hard drives hostage until payment was received. Dealing with shoddy vendors like this has unfortunately given the data recovery industry a bit of a bad name. This is why Hard Drive Recovery Group data recovery technicians ensure that everything is presented upfront, and that all information is provided before anything is sent out.

These are just a few tips when searching for data recovery company, but certainly important ones to remember. Emergency data recovery services are typically sought only by those in desperate need of data recovery. Unfortunately, there are many who will take advantage of this need.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, you can be sure that all information you need is provided upfront, and that our data recovery quotes are flat rate, and thus are not subject to an hourly charge. Basically, you pay what the quote says, or in some cases, less. Contacting us is as simple as calling the toll-free number above.

Try a data recovery company with over 10 years of experience today. Click here for free data recovery quote.

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