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Data Recovery Disk

In an office environment, or even your personal computer at home, you likely have a large amount of important data stored onto your computer. Data recovery experts say everyone should backup their files, either to a remote server, or onto disk, everyday. Many businesses do not have the resources to afford remote server backup, and most people do not backup their data every single day. If for some reason you do lose data, Hard Drive Recovery Group can assist you in creating a data recovery disk to retrieve your lost files, whether your operating system is Linux, Mac or Windows NTFS recovery.

Software Remedies
There are basically two categories that you will fall into. First, if your computer has suffered lost files due to a virus, or error, or you may have drive partitioning problems and startup errors, our data recovery disk experts can recognize the data loss situation, and will recommend one of our many downloadable software solutions. You can recover lost photos off any digital camera media using our our photo recovery software software, or regain lost files with our Fast File Recover software, to name a few disk data recovery solutions.

You should never use a program that need to be installed directly onto you hard drive after data loss. Installation could mean you are overwriting crucial files, and their chance of recovery drops to zero. This is exactly why our data recovery disk software is downloadable and executable from CD or floppy disk. Leaving the smallest footprint possible maximizes the chances of recovering lost data.

Manual Hard Drive Repair
The second situation involves physical damage to your hard drive itself. You may have experienced flooding, maybe a fire, or possibly even vandalism. In these cases, software will do you no good. Send your hard drive in to the experts at Hard Drive Recovery Group for a free media evaluation. Upon examining your machine, they will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your damaged hard drive, and what it will take to fix it. You will not be charged if technicians cannot recover data from your hard drive.

Experience counts for a lot in this business. We have been around since 1984. We have one of the only clean room data recovery labs in North America, capable of securing your damaged hard drive to make sure no outside debris enters into your disks. By calling Data Recovery Software Services, you will not be up-sold. Many businesses only solution is to send the hard drive in for repair, even if data recovery disk software could repair the problem in a matter of minutes. We will assist, and sell you what you need, not what we want to make money on.

We understand how frustrating data loss can be, especially when your business revolves around your computer. Contact our experts at Hard Drive Recovery Group today and find out how you can better prepare yourself for data loss situations.

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