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Data Recovery Services

A basic fact for every computer user: hard drives crash. No matter if you're using an SSD, hybrid or platter based hard disk, it WILL fail at some point. When hard drives fail, it is key to act quickly when it comes to getting it to a professional shop - basically, the quicker you power down and weigh your options, the less it's going to cost you.

Our Data Recovery Specialties
Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in laptops, Mac products and RAID server hard drive repairs and recoveries. Naturally, external hard drive recoveries are a major part of our overall sales, owing mainly to the volatility of those particular hard disks. And the desktop hard drive remains a staple of our business, as they are both the longest lasting drives, and the most likely to fail catastrophically.

When you speak to one of our data recovery technicians, you can be assured that you are dealing with someone with at least 20 years of hard drive recovery experience. This day-in and day-out knowledge enables us to not only assess hard drive problems effectively, but to provide you with the best, lowest cost solution available.

Basically, if you have a file system issue, you don't need clean room service. If your operating system is making it look like your drive has failed, you may just need help to get things working again. We provide that help to customers on a daily basis.

Given the difficult economic times, pricing is very important to most of our customers. This is why we offer varying levels of service based on priority. So, if you need your data immediately, we offer an expedited data recovery service, whereas if the data is a lower priority, we can recover it over a longer period of time.

Whatever your drive's situation, we typically can provide you with a guaranteed estimate BEFORE you send us your drive*, simply by either calling us on 1-866-341-4374, or filling out this form here. This ensures that you know what you will pay before you make a decision.

Our pricing is universally recognized as the lowest in the industry - just search the web for "hard drive recovery pricing", and you will see our site.

Contact us here for an immediate data recovery service consultation.

Choosing A Data Recovery Service

So your hard drive has failed. It stopped after a good deal of clicking noises. Or that important report that your boss wanted by Friday has been accidentally deleted, and you need hard drive file recovery fast! Pause... take a deep breath, and recognize that when you have suffered the pain of accidental data loss, there is a huge industry of data recovery service professionals ready to help you.

With Big Numbers Comes Choice

The truly huge number of data recovery service providers competing for your hard drive recovery dollar is surprising to most. Each day, it seems like the industry grows by a computer shop or two, each promising solid hard disk data recovery results. This level of choice is a double edged sword, however, particularly because the Internet has made the playing field level for both professional, experienced hard drive recovery providers, and new "services" with barely a recovered hard disk to their name. Differentiating between bandwagon jumpers and experienced data recovery companies is actually easier than you might think, however. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your data recovery service:

1. How long? - Experience, especially when it comes to hard drive recovery, is always key. Find out how long the hard drive recovery company you contact has been in business. But don't take their word for it... Use a state government company search if necessary to determine just how long the company you want to deal with has been in business.

2. Price And Worth - Using price as a factor when looking for a data recovery service is usually the number one consideration for consumers, an error which can actually make the overall hassle of hard drive repair and file recovery much higher. Recently, a massive group of computer shops have begun to offer full hard drive recovery services for $300 or sometimes less. These shops are rarely equipped for an actual all-out physical hard drive failure, of course, and typically just use a high-end data recovery software package to retrieve data. If your drive has failed, sending it to a low-end provider like this is a complete waste of time - without trained technicians and specialized equipment like a specialized clean room, you may be throwing good money after your bad drive.

3. Time Spent - Depending on the nature of your data recovery service needs, time may be a factor. As an example, some personal photos you'd really like back are likely to be far less urgent than your company's Exchange server. You may want to choose a low cost longer delay service for the former, but a well-versed professional for the latter. Expedited hard drive recovery is more expensive, but when your business is halted because of a dead mission-critical RAID drive, the price may be well worth it.

4. Location or not? - Some people consider this an important characteristic, and it may come into play when considering a data recovery provider. In the end, choosing the shop you feel can do the best quality job is paramount, however, and location shouldn't even come into it. Whether you're paying FedEx to ship a drive overnight to an out of state provider or paying a courier to ship a disk across town, the costs are likely to be the same. Consider what you feel to be the best data recovery service - let the delivery service worry about the location.

The hard drive recovery industry continues to grow daily, as inexperienced computer service companies try to break into the market. Choosing the right data recovery service provider is both more difficult than ever, and more important. Considering quality first will save you time and money.

Important Notes About The Data Recovery Process
Because we use proprietary drive cloning processes, we offer the safest level of recovery in the industry. We work at recovering a clone of your data, not typically on the drive directly, as it offers a level of security that keeps our recovery rates well above 95%.

Average lead time for our regular hard disk recovery services is between two and four business days and will vary based upon current workload. Expedited service is given the highest priority, and can typically be performed in 24 hours or less.

Other Hard Drive Recovery Service Offerings

Because we have training with almost all media going back 20 years, we can recover data from formats such as digital backup tape, LS120 cartridges, DVDs and others. We also are recognized by most RAID, SAN and NAS manufacturers as a certified data recovery provider. Call us at the toll free number above for more details.

*Some RAID 5 array recovery jobs require that we physically assess the drives before we can provide a correct estimate. In these cases, we never proceed with recovery without your confirmation that pricing is acceptable. In fact, if our pricing is too high for your budgetary constraints, we will ship the drives back to you free of charge.

Contact us here for an immediate data recovery service consultation.

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