Another SSD drive

SSD... even the experts can't recommend 'em!

Very interesting article from a storage expert at Information Week, where you might expect him to be talking his own book (or basically, pushing new technologies on companies), but he actually seems to go the opposite way.

Read Getting Real About SSD Performance and check it out for yourself.

As a hard drive recovery provider, talking our book (i.e. generating sales and jobs for our company) would mean jumping for joy at SSD, as its overall stability has been weak at best, and has already provided us with more data recovery requests than we might have thought. But, we continue to warn corporate IT managers AGAINST the technology, as its high expense, particularly at this relatively nascent time for it, far outweighs the benefits.

The “tried and true” platter system will have to suffice for now for all but the most risk-oriented IT people. But then, most IT people we know prefer “tried and true” to “rolling the dice” when it comes to their critical data!