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Losing data due to a hard drive crash or failure is one of the worst experiences that any computer user can endure. Initially, there may be symptoms such as hard drive clicking or buzzing, perhaps accompanied by the dreaded Microsoft Windows blue screen of death as it is known in some circles. Seeking out a hard disk data recovery service, 9 times out of 10, is the best course of action.

Hard Drive Recovery Group customers frequently come to us in a mildly panicked state; often feeling quite hopeless regarding their data loss, and feeling despondent about whether or not their data can be retrieved. If you have experienced any of the symptoms noted above, we advise you to not panic.

Hard Drive Recovery Group has offered drive data recovery service in a wide variety of flavors for almost 20 years, and each year our data recovery tools enable us to better recover hard drive systems and the data contained on them.

We encourage you to contact us before taking any action to attempt to recover files or data, and we will do our best to put you at ease.

Data Recovery Mistakes - The First Hour

Our data recovery service technicians have virtually seen it all when it comes to hard drive crash or hard disk failures. This is why we can safely tell you that the most damage to your potential data recovery is typically performed within the first hour of loss.

For many users, this means downloading and installing large "data recovery utilities"; for others, it may mean repetitive rebooting of the system. For still others hard drive damage can occur because symptoms such as hard disk clicking or buzzing have been ignored.

We have grown accustomed to this, but it is also why we encourage all users encountering to always contacted data recovery service first. It does not have to be Hard Drive Recovery Group per se, but it should be a professional data recovery service. In the end, the expense of any data recovery service is determined within the first hour of hard drive failure. The sooner you can contact a professional data recovery service, the lower the cost of hard drive recovery.

Data Recovery Software - Avoid Unknown Products

The biggest mistake made by most users looking to retrieve the data from a hard drive crash is installing a data recovery utility they found on the Web. We have seen cases where installing these programs can actually all but eliminate the potential of recovering lost files or data. Our advice with regards to data recovery software is this: if you must try a data recovery software product, we encourage you to try those only with a small footprint and that can be installed from external media such as a floppy disk.

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers only data recovery software with small footprints, as we have seen the damage which large data recovery software utilities can cause. Installing these multi-megabyte programs can actually write over lost files and data, and render this data unrecoverable.

Physical Hard Drive Crash

If your hard drive has experienced physical failure, it will be necessary to contact a professional data recovery service if you want that hard drive recovered. We have seen hundreds of drives which have been opened by nonprofessionals, and typically this has made data even more difficult to recover than it would have been.

The fact is, professional hard disk data recovery service companies like Hard Drive Recovery Group have access to professional data recovery tools, and specialized clean rooms to ensure that hard drives are not subject to damage via contaminants in the air. So unless you have actual hard drive repair experience, we would encourage you to contact us or another professional data recovery service first before you make any attempts to open the hard drive mechanically. It will save you time, and most importantly, money.

Charges For Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Our data recovery service quotes are always free. We encourage you to contact us first, in order to determine the root cause of your data loss. Our professional data recovery technicians are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to help. Remember also we offer a distinct promise: data recovered or it's free. No other data recovery service shop in the industry offers such a promise.

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