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Today's computers are miles ahead of those created five short years ago. Faster processors, better hard disk drive technologies and the commodity pricing of high speed RAM have made these machines the most powerful the public has ever seen. In fact, many new computers are available to the average consumer at less than $1000 with most of the bells and whistles which would have previously made a system a $3000 and above item. But while most technologies have become better with age, hard drives still encounter one problem - they are apt to fail, and require the services of drive recovery experts like Hard Drive Recovery Group.

More At Risk?

In fact, because the newest hard disk drives are smaller and can store more data than ever, they are more at risk for data loss. This is because hard disk drive parts are small and still as incredibly sensitive as ever, and are more subject to their number one cause of the need for drive recovery: heat. Newer systems run hotter than ever, and in the process of cooling both processors and hard drives, use more fans. The fans typically bring in dirt and dust (two more enemies of hard drive technology), which build up and create additional heat. Left unprotected, and subject to the high demands of today's more advanced software technologies, these can create the perfect conditions for hard drive failure, and as a result, the need for drive recovery.

Professional Drive Recovery: Remember Your Rights

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, if there's one thing we continue to advise our clients against, it's over-aggressive hard drive recovery companies. These are the data recovery companies which, when called, ask very few questions and are quick to assume that your hard drive recovery situation will require in-shop hard drive repair. Know that the hard drive recovery industry is a large industry, with many pretenders who engage in shifty practices. Know also that your drive can be held hostage by unscrupulous drive recovery companies, something our clients often tell us horror stories of. So if the company you call does not feel right in anyway, by all means call another - it can save you lots of money and hassle in the long run.

Two Drive Recovery Types

When seeking professional disk drive recovery (something we always recommend, as do-it-yourself drive recovery is the #1 cause of irretrievable data), it is important to know both types. The first, and most inexpensive form of drive recovery is by using data recovery software. This is also the most popular form, as many people who are experiencing data loss merely have deleted files or partition table problems - two issues which rarely require in-shop hard disk data recovery service. The fact is, if your system still boots, and you are not experiencing system symptoms such as clicking or buzzing sounds, nine times out of 10 you simply need data recovery software.

Professional companies such as Hard Drive Recovery stock just such software, and can usually send you a copy via email, or point you to a download area. All you have to do is make the initial contact.

In cases where your hard drive has experienced physical failure, you will either have to let the data go, or contact a professional shop like Hard Drive Recovery Group for drive recovery services. Attempting to open a hard disk drive yourself is not only relatively pointless if you have no experience repairing hard drives, it is also dangerous to your lost data.

Each month, we see at least one occurrence of a "do it yourself drive recovery" gone wrong: and in one out of five cases the data simply cannot be recovered. We encourage you to call first before performing any rash actions - the call is free, and the advice we give you may be priceless.

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