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Exchange Data Recovery

The advent of the Microsoft Exchange Server has enabled small to large organizations better manage their human resources, take advantage of collaboration tools, and better organized their communication with e-mail. But when these Microsoft Exchange Servers go down, they can create havoc for business processes and often grind to a halt any productivity.

At Hard Drive Recovery Group, we consider Exchange data recovery to be one of our core advantages, as we are one of the few companies in the data recovery industry to offer this professional level service.

Exchange Recovery Tips

When your Microsoft Exchange Server goes down, it can be a very stressful situation. At Hard Drive Recovery Group we have one simple piece of advice: do not panic. In the end, the Microsoft Exchange Server offers a wide variety of built-in recovery tools to ensure that you may not need professional exchange data recovery services after all. Naturally, because of the importance of MS exchange data, it is important for us to stress that only a professional and well-trained technician attempts to make any repairs to the MS exchange database.

Tools such as exmerge.exe work best when they are used by professionals; they can also be destructive in the hands of a novice. In the end, your best resource for MS exchange data recovery may in fact to be the Microsoft web site itself.

Click here to go to the Microsoft exchange information site.

Hard Drive Failure And MS Exchange

When your Exchange Servers BIOS cannot contact the hard drives mounted to the server, you may have a real problem. If in fact the server has encountered water damage, fire damage, or electrical malfunction, it will definitely need professional data recovery help. Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in this form of disaster recovery, and has recovered MS Exchange Servers even when the data appeared to be completely lost. In the end, contacting us is merely a phone call away; remember that even when things look hopeless, they may not be.

Exchange Server Meltdown

Hard disk drives are incredibly fragile devices with a number of electronic and mechanical parts running at incredibly high temperatures. Place dust into these environments, and you have a recipe for disaster and Exchange Server data corruption. In cases of true hard drive failure, no form of file recovery, or software based exchange database recovery tool will help.

Instead, contacting a professional hard drive repair shop such as Hard Drive Recovery Group will ensure that all your files, partitions and mail will be recovered. Attempting to fix a hard disk drive without proper tools can result in total loss of data. Heed our advice: it is always better to request a free consultation, than it is to attempt hard disk repair on your own.

Contact Us

An important part of the Hard Drive Recovery Group service plan is our guarantee. We promised that if we cannot recover your data from your MS Exchange Server, we will not charge you. It's as simple as that. No other day recovery service provider in the industry will offer such a guarantee.

Contact us here for a free MS Exchange data recovery quote.

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