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Hard Disk Drive Recovery

Computers can store great amounts of information and data, but are not fail safe against file system corruption or hard drive crash. If you have encountered hard drive failure, there are always ways to get fast hard drive data recovery. It's as simple as contacting Hard Drive Recovery Group to find out how we can assist you with hard drive disk recovery.

Hard disk drive recovery, or retrieving your data from file system corruption can be categorized in one of two ways. The first method is least expensive, and can be done using data or file recovery software from your home or office. Often, this form of file system repair is only a download away. The other, known as hard drive repair or hard drive recovery, requires highly trained data recovery technicians, and experience. It can be highly expensive, and takes approximately 2-5 days to complete.

If you have accidentally deleted a file from your hard disk, or had a computer virus wipe out an important folder, file undeletion software and file recovery software can dig deep within your hard drive and recover your files in a matter of minutes; much faster than conventional disk recovery. If you are having partition problems or boot sector issues, try using our partition-focused hard disk recovery software. Even image files can be recovered, using Photo Recover Plus. All of these software products are available to you with one quick phone call to the number above.

Physical Hard Disk Drive Recovery

If your system has experienced more serious physical damage, such as that caused flooding, fire, or even vandalism, simple data recovery software will not recover files. Instead, you should immediately contact the hard disk drive recovery experts at HDRG for a data recovery service quote. After our experts have evaluated your media for free, in house, we will be able to give you a clear and accurate assessment on recovery. We recover 98% of the hard drives sent to us, but if for some reason we cannot recover your files, you pay nothing. That's our hard drive data recovery guarantee.

Keep in mind that you should never use hard disk drive recovery software that requires installation on your hard drive. Installing a program after data loss can overwrite your lost files, making them completely unrecoverable. HDRG has designed small footprint software that can be saved and run directly from a CD or disk. This virtually eliminates the risk of overwriting data.

Please contact us here for a free hard disk drive data recovery quote. Don't let your mail records disappear. Hard Drive Recovery Group can help!

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